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Get started with braces or Invisalign for kids or adults starting at $124 per mo.

And We Will Match Your Down Payment With up to $500 Off !!!!

Braces Or Invisalign
starting at $124.00 per month

Everyone deserves a great smile and Dr. Demas will not have finances come in the way of getting your perfect smile. We guarantee affordability and access to quality orthodontic care for all our patients.

Therefore,  Team Demas Orthodontics is offering orthodontics starting at $124 per month braces. Team Demas Orthodontics provides braces and Invisalign for kids, teens, and adults in Southington CT.

We Will Match Your Down Payment
up to $500!

When you get started with Team Demas Orthodontics and put a down payment on your new smile, we will match that down payment up to $500. Thats up to $500 off treatment!

Best of all, you will work with Southington’s most experienced and one of the nations most respectedorthodontists. Dr Demas has years of experience straightening smiles and correcting bit issues on thousands of patients.

Get started today with a $500 down payment match and monthly payments as low as $124 per mo. 

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