Baking Soda: On the Verge to Replacing Toothpastes

by | Jul 8, 2014

Team Demas ORthodontics

Words of Wisdom No. 6: Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week

Brushing with soda ash helps in removing of stains thus helping in whitening of the teeth, salt can also be used in place of soda ash. Soda ash is a composition of various elements, its chemical name is sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate, salt is made from this reason hence making it also ideal for this teeth whitening procedure. It is a highly recommended stain remover by various orthodontists, however great precautions should be taken when using it during the cleaning exercise.

Steps to be followed in using soda ash in cleaning the teeth:

The process of sodium hydrogen carbonate teeth cleaning is not any different from the normal procedure of using the regular tooth paste used for cleaning purposes. The first step is ensuring that all the bristles are covered by soda ash. However, putting too much soda ash is likely to produce a burning sensation on the tongue and the gum and in some extreme though rare cases it may wear out the enamel.

After brushing as normal one ought to rinse the mouth using a lot of water to ease the burning sensation. In addition to the precautionary measures, one should use this method only once or twice a week as frequent use of sodium bicarbonate may wear out the enamel.

Another cleaning agent that can be used rather than sodium bicarbonate is argon oil. It has an upper hand compared to soda ash as it does not leave a burning sensation in the mouth when it is used. Swallowing of soda ash during the cleaning process should also be avoided. Swallowing a chemical is in most instances is accompanied by some health complications. With its great advantages, it also equally comes with some disadvantages hence care should be taken when using it. Please do not forget to contact Team Demas Orthodontics at Southington to get the solutions to all your teeth alignment queries.

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