Before and After

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Patient One

Patient 1 Before

Patient 1 After

This patient presented to our office with crowding and crossbites (upper teeth behind lower teeth).

They were treated with upper and lower braces to make room to align all the teeth and correct the crossbites.

Patient Two

Patient 2 Before

Patient 2 After

This patient was concerned with the spacing between the teeth and the deep bite (upper teeth overlapping the lower teeth).

Upper and lower braces were used to close all the spaces and reduce the overlap of the front teeth.

Patient Three



This young patient presented to our office with a crossbite (top front tooth behind bottom front tooth).

Even though several baby teeth were present, a short Phase 1 treatment consisting of a few braces on the top teeth was able to correct the crossbite and create a healthier bite.

This patient will be monitored for a future Phase 2 of treatment once their remaining adult teeth erupt.

Patient Four


Patient 4 After

This patient’s front teeth did not overlap due to a previous thumb sucking habit and the upper jaw was too narrow.

With a palatal expander appliance followed by braces and elastic band wear, we widened the upper jaw, closed the open bite and achieved the proper overlap of the front teeth.

Patient Five



This patient did not like the way the front teeth stuck out when they smiled.

We straightened their teeth and reduced the protrusion of the upper teeth to create a beautiful smile.


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