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by | Sep 9, 2014

Team Demas Orthodontics

Smile Quote No. 5: I’ve Never Seen a Smiling Face that was not Beautiful

A smile is a wondrous, beautiful thing, isn’t it? It reflects joy in a powerful way. Beautiful smiles charm, encourage, uplift, and brighten our lives. An engaging smile is a seemingly small gesture, but it renders a magic touch with a ripple effect, as it spreads from one person to another.

So, Mom, is the world being deprived of the splendor of your smile? Are you uncomfortable smiling broadly because things are amiss in your mouth? Are you painfully aware that your teeth are crooked? Do they suffer claustrophobia from crowding? Are your jaws misaligned? Does an improper bite make you want to keep your mouth shut, though you have valuable things to say? Do you look in the mirror and wonder, “Do I need braces?”

Here at Team Demas Orthodontics, we can assess the position of your teeth and honestly advise you if braces are needed. If so, we can transform your smile into a thing of beauty that you’ll be happy to reveal.

At the helm of our team is Dr. Don Demas. He has the unique distinction of being one of only two orthodontists in Connecticut who’s trained in both orthodontics and pediatric dentistry. He has been designated several times as one of Connecticut’s Top Orthodontists. Dr. Clauss likewise has extensive training and experience in orthodontics. Our practice offers three varieties of braces to suit the lifestyle of a busy mother:


Each type of brace has its own distinct advantages.

“Traditional” metal braces is actually a misnomer. Current metal braces are not the ones your friends wore when growing up. Our modern braces are lighter, smaller, more comfortable, and fashionable. You can dress up your braces with colored ties and elastics. An amazing feature of these braces is heat-activated archwires. They use your body heat to move teeth faster than the braces of your youth. Traditional metal braces will do a great job of straightening your teeth for the least cost.

Ceramic braces have the advantage of being less noticeable, with the use of clear brackets. In fact, they are scarcely visible. However, they are not as durable as metal braces. The brackets also stain easily if you’re not diligent about brushing. Ceramics are more expensive than metal braces.

Invisalign braces involve the systematic use of clear plastic trays that fit like mouth guards. The “aligners” are replaced every 2 weeks as your teeth move in the direction programmed by the orthodontist. These have the advantages of being virtually invisible and removable. They usually involve a shorter treatment time than other braces. However, they are not suited to serious dental problems. They are more expensive than other braces.

Team Demas Orthodontics is the preferred provider of braces for adults. Call us for a free consultation. Our highly-skilled, friendly orthodontists will fashion a glorious smile to match your beautiful face!


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