Best Orthodontic Blogs of 2015

2015 was a fantastic year. Read some of most popular blogs from last year, and make sure you keep your eyes peeled for some great blogs post and videos in 2016.

best orthodontic blogs 2015

The Stages Leading to Braces Removal

Most recipients of braces use them to improve their facial appearance through the straightening of teeth and improve their teeth’s ability to bite correctly.  Even though the brace user chooses this dental procedure, he or she still naturally prefers a mouth without braces! Knowing when they are likely to be removed is really important as it is a relief being able to display a better set of teeth after the completion of the procedure. Dr. Demas and his team at Demas Orthodontics find the number one question they are asked is “When do I get my braces off?”

The Invisalign aligner is made out of a thermoplastic material to your orthodontist’s specifications. Each patient will need a progression of aligners to gradually move the teeth to their desired location. Some patients will need as few as five; others will need as many as 50, depending on how much movement is needed. A few patients will need to have a small attachment device bonded to one or more teeth to assist in the straightening process. Read more…

How Do I Clean my Invisalign?

Oral hygiene is extremely important in keeping bacteria and potential infections away. Not only should you brush your teeth three times a day, but if you wear an Invisalign, this should be cleaned regularly as well. Invisalign and other corrective devices can easily harbor bacteria when they are not cleaned properly. This can lead to unwanted odors and discoloration of your teeth. Below you will learn a little bit more about this corrective device and the best ways to clean it. Read more…

Do Damon Braces Really Move Teeth Faster?

Time is an important consideration in almost everything we do. However, regarding matters of personal appearance, the amount of time a procedure is going to take can be imperative, especially when the process is lengthy and uncomfortable. So when you consider the advantages and disadvantages of getting Damon braces versus traditional braces, you need to know the facts. Since there are so many myths regarding what Damon braces can and can’t do, we want to give you some facts so you can be an informed consumer. Read more…

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