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Words of Wisdom No. 9: Brush Your Teeth When You First Get Out of Bed and Before You Get Back In at Night

Brushing teeth early in the morning after awakening and just before going to sleep are the two most crucial times as suggested by dental specialists to stay orally fresh. The essence of brushing before going to bed is to remove any food particles that may be trapped in between the teeth after taking dinner and it swipes off plaque from the teeth which is caused by dried up saliva or accumulated food particles.

While asleep, there is minimal saliva generation, the saliva contributes a great role as it contain enzymes that helps counter the effect of bacteria that are as a result of buildup of food particles. Food detergents can also be used in a situation where brushing before going to bed is impossible. Some examples of food detergents includes, unsweetened popcorns, raw carrots and apples. Apples are the best of all these detergents and are referred in most cases as the nature’s toothbrush.

Some of the effects that may arise as a result of insufficient brushing or failing to brush includes, the buildup of bacteria is likely to trigger off teeth infections such as dental caries and tooth decay. In addition to that, lack of proper brushing creates a foul smell. Morning brush. After taking any meal, a layer of food particles accumulates on the tongue, the moist condition of the tongue offers a conducive atmosphere for breeding of more germs.

The tongue also turns acidic causing a discomfort in the mouth. In addition to bacteria causing a foul smell, they are also responsible for causing other dental diseases. Brushing your teeth is also one of the best ways to start the day as the fresh breath boosts ones morale when starting the day. Please do not forget to contact Team Demas Orthodontics to get the solutions to all your orthodontic concerns.

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