9 Reasons Why Widely Spaced Teeth Impact Your Overall Health

by | May 2, 2017

 9 Reasons Why Widely Spaced Teeth Impact Your Overall Health

Most people focus on the aesthetics of widely spaced teeth. They want to improve their look, smile, and self-esteem.

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However, there are more than just appearance problems that you should be concerned with. Teeth that are spaced too widely apart can cause great health issues. Sure, you want to have the confidence of a beautiful smile, but those spaces between your teeth can do more than damage your smile. They could be ruining your health.

1. Gum Disease

Your overall health begins in your mouth. What you put into your mouth is a good start, but your teeth play an important role in your health too. If there are large spaces in-between the teeth, then there is ample space for bacteria to build up. Plaque and tartar are always looking for a nice, warm spot to multiply. When your mouth is filled with this type of bacteria, it can cause other problems too. These pockets of bacteria can lead to gingivitis if left untreated. Gingivitis can lead to periodontal disease. The longer this disease goes undiagnosed and treated the more sorts of problems it can cause. It is a recipe for disaster. Thankfully, utilizing various teeth straightening methods can prevent bacteria from breeding.

2. Cavities

We’ve already discussed that these wide open spaces are breeding grounds for bacteria. Bacteria in the mouth are what causes cavities. While it is easier to get in between the pockets to brush and floss the teeth, when tarter and plaque build-up, it can be difficult to remove with normal brushing alone. This bacteria can begin to eat away at the tooth’s surface causing cavities. Those with teeth that are spaced poorly have a greater problem with cavities than those whose teeth are properly spaced.

3. Tooth Loss

With gum disease and an increased number of cavities comes tooth loss. Widely spaced teeth have a greater impact on tooth loss. Because it is difficult to control a number of bacteria between these spaces, it causes cavities. Many people may not know they have cavities, especially if they don’t visit their dentist regularly. Once a cavity gets too severe, then a root canal, extraction or other drastic measures may be needed. Tooth loss is a large problem when dealing with these large spaces.

4. Bad Breath

People spend hundreds of dollars each year to ensure they have good breath. Many will buy mouthwash, gum, breath mints, oral sprays, and numerous other things to ensure they have a minty fresh smell when talking to others. If you have gingivitis, cavities, or gum disease, then the bacteria in your mouth are going to cause a putrid smell. Cavities can leak infection into the mouth, which produces a unique decayed smell. Not only will your breath smell bad, but you will also have foul tastes in your mouth too. There is nothing worse than having a mouth full of bacteria. Brushing will do little to help your breath when you have all these problems going on.

5. Mouth Sores

As if bad breath, gum disease, cavities, and tooth loss was not enough, you may also have mouth sores from bacteria in your mouth. The impact of widely spaced teeth is far worse than you could imagine. The infection and bacteria that are swimming around in your steamy 98.6-degree mouth will cause mouth sores. These sores can burn when you eat anything salty, and they can also be very painful. Getting rid of them is difficult until you fix the problem that is causing them.

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6. Heart Disease

You may think that your overall health problems from wide spaces are in the mouth; however, the American Dental Association has done numerous studies that show it goes beyond the mouth. Infections in the mouth left untreated, can cause heart diseases. The gums become inflamed when they have a disease affecting them. This can damage the circulatory system. Since a heart disease is the number one cause of death in this country, eliminating this risk seems to be beneficial. Closing up these spaces, before the bacteria turn into gum disease, is advisable.

7. Stroke

The American Dental Association has also proved that it is not just the heart that can be affected by this excess of bacteria in the mouth. The risk of stroke is also increased. Other lifestyle choices will play a large role in your risk for stroke, but by having proper preventative oral health treatments, it can reduce your chance.

8. Diabetes

Diabetes is a serious health condition that can be life-threatening. Unfortunately, the American Dental Association also found links in those with wide open spaces in their teeth and diabetes. The risk of heart attack and strokes was bad enough, but adding diabetes to the list just proves your oral health isn’t something you can negate. Untreated gum disease can cause a whirlwind in the body that can end in disaster.

9. Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a significant cause of death in elderly folks, but even the younger ones are affected too. The ADA has found another link to a serious health problem with an overload of bacteria. Pneumonia can be caused by all the bacteria entering the blood stream through the saliva.

Take Care of Widely Spaced Teeth Today!

The impact of widely spaced teeth is vast. It is easy to see that your oral health is of the utmost importance. While tooth decay and loss are serious, a heart attack or stroke can be life threatening. There are many lifestyle factors that can increase these risks too. If you smoke, use alcohol, have a diet high in carbs and sugars, or do not brush your teeth like you should, then you are increasing your chances of major illnesses. Thankfully, you can take measures to straighten your teeth and remove the gaps that are causing these problems. Whether you want to use traditional metal braces or Invisalign, the professionals at Team Demas Orthodontics want to help you. Call us today to schedule an appointment at our convenient location.

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