Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist?

by | Dec 6, 2016

The relationship between a dentist and an orthodontist is almost a close one. Even though the two professions are strongly related, there are marked dissimilarities. Orthodontics is a specialized domain that deals particularly with correction of teeth and jaws which are improperly positioned. Crooked teeth and those that don’t fit correctly present dental problems in terms of cleanliness, possibility of being lost at a tender age as a result of tooth decay or periodontal diseases and can exert additional stress on the chewing muscles resulting to TMJ syndrome, headaches, back, shoulder and neck pain. Crooked teeth or teeth that are not properly aligned can significantly affect one’s overall appearance.

Paying an orthodontist a visit should be high up on your frequent to do list in order to get your teeth to their best. Having your teeth checked regularly can help keep at bay dental related diseases like gum diseases and tooth decay by enabling the orthodontist to diagnose them early enough and treat them right off. Detecting and treating these dental problems early can go a long way towards mitigating the unscheduled costs related to dental procedures.

Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist Even if I don’t have Any Dental Problem?

If you don’t experience any dental abnormalities, it is prudent that you still make an appointment with the orthodontist frequently, the very least, 2 times in a calendar year, while putting to practice proper dental hygiene procedures at home. To visit orthodontist sporadically also comes with an added benefit of having the privilege of getting special and expert care from an artist in this domain. This expert is highly trained and can catch up a dental disorder with your tooth alignment or bite that a normal dentist might oversee.

Differences between a Dentist and an Orthodontist

Orthodontists are highly trained professionals whose qualifications, skills, and expertise enables them to carry out an array of structural problems related to teeth and jaws, for instance, under bite, crowded teeth, impacted teeth, and many other dental conditions. Regular dentists can’t perform these sophisticated orthodontic procedures because they haven’t completed an accredited program that guarantees they have gained specialized education and training in orthodontic treatment.

The highly specialized types of tasks they perform mean Orthodontists are required to undergo specialized studies over and above those that are needed to practice as a normal dentist. In addition to completing a grueling 4-year degree depending on the institution, an orthodontist needs to also complete an additional 2 to 3 years of rigorous orthodontics training.

Dentist Vs Orthodontist

An In-depth View of What Exactly Orthodontics Deals With

The orthodontics profession is sometimes referred to as orthodontia. Whilst crooked teeth can have devastating effects like lowering someone’s self- esteem because they are unsightly, a bad bite can even be more harmful. When the top and bottom teeth come into contact, it’s called a bite. Most individuals resonate with an overbite. But a number of overbite problems do exist that are not easily seen. Your ability to chew right can be affected by a bite, which in the long run can result in digestion problems, symptoms related to temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, pain and can even cause your teeth to shift. Crooked teeth can also cause abnormalities in the long run including shifting of your other teeth. Disorders that require correction or treatment with Orthodontics can vary from cosmetic matters to severe bite complications. With the modern plethora of orthodontic treatment options, orthodontists need to properly comprehend how to design, place, fit and maintain invisible liners, lingual braces, traditional braces and much more.

Reasons and When to Choose an Orthodontist

It’s common to see people seeking help from general dentists to correct problems that are supposed to be treated by an Orthodontist. The general dentist will often refer you to a qualified Orthodontist for problems related to bites. If the dentist cannot perform the cosmetic corrections and is incapable of referring you to a reputable Orthodontist, it’s prudent to take a further step and do a thorough research to find the one who you are absolutely sure will treat you rightly.

Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist Who Can Perform the Tasks of a Regular Dentist?

As we have seen, Orthodontists must undergo many years of rigorous and specialized training to be masters of their domain and be able to take care of patients of all ages. However, some Orthodontist may double up as regular dentists. Regular dental procedures might consist of cleanings, diagnosis, X-rays, cosmetic dental processes, bridges, dentures, and portions of implant procedures, dental aspects related to kids such as fluoride treatments, fillings, and sealants.

Which is better? Settling for Your Own Orthodontist or Using Referrals

You might be sporadically visiting your regular dentist for normal dental problems, but when serious problems come up like alignment or bite issues, your regular dentist will do the honors by suggesting that you seek the services of an Orthodontist or recommend a specific one for you. In some occasion, your insurance may limit you from specialized dentists or Orthodontists or the same insurance might need a referral from the regular dentist. It all depends on the situation you are in. If the situation allows for choosing your own Orthodontist, ensure you adhere to the same rules when selecting a regular dentist. If you are in need of an Orthodontist that can cover your whole facility, sufficient to find one that treats patients of all ages or one that is well-known to offer family dental and Orthodontic services.

The decision to visit Orthodontist should not hinge on whether you have a dental problem or not. If you have never sought the services of an Orthodontist or one of your family members has some problems related to teeth, now is the time to get the services of Team Demas Orthodontics. Just call our office, our Opening Hours include Mon-Thurs 08:00 am-5:00 pm, Sat 8:00 am-12:00 pm.

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