Do I need braces?

by | Aug 18, 2015

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Have you ever looked in a mirror and disliked the way that your teeth looked? They might be crooked, or one tooth might be overlapping another. You might have an overbite that affects the way you talk or eat. One way that you can correct these issues in the mouth is to visit a specialist who installs orthodontic braces in Southington. Most people who wear braces only have them on for a few short years. When the braces come off, you are left with a dazzling smile that will make you proud to show to others.


Look At the Teeth and Mouth

In order to determine if you need help in getting straight teeth, you need to look at the mouth. An orthodontist can perform x-rays and an exam in the office to look at the shape of the teeth and the alignment. Before you go to the orthodontist, you can do a little investigating on your own. If you see teeth that are sitting sideways or crowding other teeth in the mouth, then you might want to think about braces. One way to see if there is enough room between the teeth is to use a piece of dental floss between each tooth. If the floss doesn’t easily go between the teeth, then there’s not enough room. Before an orthodontist begins any treatment, you might need one or two teeth pulled so that there is plenty of room for the rest to straighten out. On the other hand, you might notice teeth that are too far apart from each other. This can also affect the way you talk and eat.

You should also look at the bite when you are in front of a mirror. Some people have teeth that fit over the bottom while others will see that the bottom teeth fit just over the top ones. Either condition can be corrected with orthodontic treatment. You could also have a crossbite – when the top teeth fit incorrectly behind the bottom teeth at various intervals. Any kind of improper bite can cause issues with the jaw, which can lead to headaches and difficulty chewing. If you have an overbite, it can lead to gum disease of the lower teeth or damage to the roof of the mouth.

More than the Bite

Although the way the teeth look in the mouth and the bite that you exhibit are indicators that you might need treatment, there are other ways to tell if you might need braces. After you eat a meal, does the food ever get stuck between the teeth? Food that you can’t clear away can lead to bacteria that develops. This bacteria can cause cavities. A Southington orthodontist can easily help correct this problem as orthodontic treatment can create enough room so that food doesn’t remain between the teeth when you brush and floss. When you smell your breath, you might notice that it’s not pleasant, even if you brush like you should. This could be from the bacteria that is trapped between the teeth that you can’t properly clean because there’s no room.

What Can I Eat While Wearing Braces?





Another indicator is how you talk. While some people genuinely have an accent, you might notice that it sounds like you have a lisp. This is often from teeth that are not aligned in the proper way. When the teeth and jaws are aligned, you might find that your speech will improve. Frequent jaw pain can also be a sign that you need some kind of orthodontic intervention. The pain that you feel in the jaw can lead to earaches and headaches if it’s not taken care of by an orthodontist who can straighten the teeth and get the mouth back in order.

Is Orthodontic Treatment Right?

Before you spend the money and time getting brackets placed on the teeth and a wire run through those brackets, you need to think about the benefits that you will have. You will get a mouth that is full of straight teeth. You will be able to look in a mirror and see a beautiful smile that you might not have thought you would have any other way. It will be a time when you can eat foods without worrying about whether there will be particles left behind. Other people will see your amazing smile and know that you cared enough about your health and appearance to do something.

Most adults only need to go through the orthodontic treatment for about 20 months. After the brackets are removed, you will need to wear a retainer to keep the teeth in place. If you aren’t sure what to expect, talk to a few friends who have gone through the treatment. They can give you tips on how to care for the brackets and the foods that you aren’t supposed to eat. Once you see that there are many other people who have gone through wearing orthodontic appliances, you will know that it’s really not that difficult. You might need to forgo popcorn, hard foods and gum for a few months, but the results will be worth it in the end.

Photo credit: monica y garza / Foter / CC BY

Photo credit: monica y garza / Foter / CC BY

If treatment is medically necessary, then insurance should pay for a good bit. Talk to the orthodontist about how the brackets are applied and what to expect each month as you will likely need to visit the office once a month to get the wires tightened and the brackets examined. If you don’t want the metal brackets and wires, then consider Invisalign. This option offers the same results, but you won’t have to bear with major discomforts.

You need to find out about the entire process before beginning the journey to straight teeth. A mold will be taken of the top and bottom teeth to determine where the most pressure needs to be exerted during the treatment. The brackets are applied to the teeth with a glue that is secure. A wire is run through the brackets, and a colored band is placed around the bracket before you leave the office. Team Demas Orthodontics  can answer any question that you have so schedule an appointment now.

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