Do Orthodontic Appliances Cause Pain?

by | Apr 12, 2016

Children are the pride and joy of parents. Often, parents will overlook little flaws in their kids. However, when it comes to oral health, it is better to pay attention to little details which can cause great problems in the future.

Orthodontic Appliances

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Common Problems

Children with overbites, gaps between their teeth and crowded teeth need their problems fixed, not overlooked. Ignoring the dental problems of young people will not make them go away. Left untreated, major problems can develop. Crowded teeth are hard to floss and brush correctly. Over and under bites can cause jaw pains.


Parents, especially mothers, worry that fixing the problems with orthodontics will cause pain to the child. This may prevent some parents from considering orthodontic appliances that can help the child to have a healthy smile. We have to understand that, even though some orthodontic appliances can be uncomfortable, the end results will actually ease the pain the child could suffer.

Catch It Early

The key to helping your child is early intervention. Take your child for his or her first orthodontist visit by age seven. A reputable orthodontist, like the ones at Team Demas Orthodontics, can help to guide the jaw growth, correct thumb-sucking, and even eliminate speech problems. Orthodontia is not just for the look of the teeth. It is for the overall function of the mouth.


Sometimes, teens will need braces despite the best early intervention. Most adolescents will resist having orthodontic appliances because of the appearance of the appliances. Orthodontic appliance Southington experts offer solutions to this problem of embarrassment and resistance. Innovative materials today make brackets lighter. Heat pliable materials quicken the time a young person has to wear braces. The painful adjustments are now lessened. There are even the choices of ceramic and clear appliances to make wearing braces nearly invisible. All of this will help a young person to overcome their concerns about wearing orthodontic appliances.

Adult Orthodontics

Adults are seeking great smiles at a much higher rate than in the past. Maybe as a child a person did not get to receive the treatment they needed. They are left with crooked teeth, uneven spaces and gaps and unsightly overbites. An adult does not need to be left with an unhappy smile or painful chewing. Today, grown-ups can take advantage of Invisalign custom molded aligners. These are worn inside the mouth where they are not noticeable. Every few months, the aligners are changed to keep the teeth moving to a straight, beautiful smile.

This option is very popular with professionals. Some people find their appearance extremely important in a professional setting. Braces could be considered degrading- something they would rather avoid. But, Invisalign allows these people to retain their positions as models, TV anchors and actors, without the world knowing they are having orthodontic treatments.


What Can I Eat While Wearing Braces

Expected Discomfort

When braces are placed, people can expect some discomfort. Teeth may be sensitive to pressure from biting and chewing. For the first few days, soft foods are preferable. Eat foods like applesauce and soup, foods that don’t require a lot of chewing. Children and adults alike may experience mouth and tongue tenderness due to being unaccustomed to the appliances. To help avoid this problem, a little wax applied will help to coat the orthodontic appliances, keeping them from scraping the inside of the cheeks and tongue.

Sometimes, a wire will break. This can cause immediate and very irritating pain.Again- this can be easily fixed once the patient can get to their orthodontist. The back of a spoon can be used to bend the wire out of the way until they can get an appointment. For soreness, taking a pain-reliever like Tylenol will help. Soreness is usually the result of adjusting the orthodontic appliance and is temporary.

Qualified offices, like Team Demas Orthodontics, can show patients how to apply wax. They can fix broken wires. They can also advise patients on which foods to eat and what to avoid. Working closely with an orthodontist is the best way to achieve optimal results and avoid unnecessary pain.

Surgical Orthodontics

In some cases, orthodontic appliances alone are not enough. If a jaw has been allowed to grow to full maturity, it may have grown wrong. This can cause crowding, pain, alignment problems and even mandibular pain. In these cases, surgical orthodontics can fix the jaw, the source of the problem. This is always done in conjunction with braces. When the jaw heals and the braces come off, the teeth will be in proper alignment. Of course, there will be pain from this type of orthodontic treatment for about eight weeks. It is imperative that patients wear their proper headgear, rubber bands and retainers to help achieve and maintain proper alignment.

Consider the Options

Yes, orthodontic appliances can be uncomfortable. However, it is emotionally uncomfortable to be ashamed of a crooked smile or an overbite. Children will tease other children who have gaps or misaligned teeth. Children will also

Orthodontic Appliances

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tease other children who have braces. Which is worse? The worst decision of a parent would be to ignore their child’s needs for orthodontic care. Teasing will last for a little while. One day, though, the braces will come off to reveal a confident, beautiful smile. The other option is to do nothing, leaving the child to grow-up feeling self-conscious about the way they look. That can lead to so many emotional problems, lack of self-esteem, low self-esteem, and a reluctance to be socially interactive.

Take Action

Make the right choice for your child. Set up a consultation with an orthodontist. Get the early intervention needed. Watch as your child grows into a self-confident adult with a brilliant smile. The right choices today will make the difference for your children tomorrow. Contact us now!

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