Does Age Matter When Getting Braces?

by | Apr 9, 2018

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When thinking about braces, we tend to think of a teenager who has a mouth full of brackets and wires when smiling. But the truth is that people of all ages wear braces which causes some questions to be asked. Is it important for someone to wear braces when they are young? Are there complications for an older person who wants to get braces? Is there a specific age for taking up braces? What is the best age for getting braces? Does age affect the success of braces? Am I too old to get braces? These are valid questions to be asked, and we are going to shed more light on this topic. 

 The Proper Age Limit for Getting Braces 

You might be thinking about your kid having braces in the near future if you have this question ringing in your mind. Maybe you have a sibling or a child who has a bad bite, an overbite or crooked teeth. The truth is that the mouth of children continuously changes over time. The jaws grow in length, and the mouth expands as it grows. Baby teeth are dropped along the way as permanent teeth start to spring up. But when you start to think that your child is in need of braces, then you need to visit an orthodontist to confirm your observation. 

There is no specific age where your child has to make their first visit to the dentist. Some kids make their first appointment at the age of 6, some of them when they are at age 10, and some even go when they are already teenagers. When you ask most orthodontists about the average age when kids should visit the dentist, you will realize that the prime age of 7 is the ideal time for the first dental appointment. 

Although that is just a recommendation, you should make a dental visit when you feel that it is the right time. In most cases, your family dentist is the one who will recommend when the visit should be made, especially if the dentist makes a note on the child’s dental composition. You may also receive a recommendation of a good orthodontist from your family dentist.  

Although it is easy to make changes in the mouth of a child, more adults are going for orthodontic treatments when they have crooked teeth, dental cavities, and other dental issues. To answer the question “Am I too old to get braces?” According to the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO), one in five orthodontic patients is above 18 years of age. 

Some orthodontists will state that there is an age limit. But before taking that point home, you need to consult an orthodontist because most of them prefer to start any kind of treatment when the permanent teeth start to grow; but remember, every case is a different one. 

Are Braces for Adults, Teens, and Children Differ from Each Other? 

Does age affect the success of braces? Braces are the same for a person of any age. Each set of dental braces are customized to fit each mouth. They are crafted depending on the space in the mouth, the health of the teeth, the size of the teeth, and many other aspects of an individual’s dental composition. The only difference between the ages is the social and psychological reaction to the braces.  

For children, they get excited about braces because they feel that it is something they need to have at this stage. But for teens and adults, they may feel anxious wearing them on a day to day basis, because it affects how they look. For a child, the best thing is for a dentist to discuss with them what braces are and how they should take care of them. 

Teenagers will tend to be more conscious about how their friends say about the way they look with braces. This will make a teenager go for a much more subtle treatment like the use of Invisalign. Teens may also go for ceramic or lingual braces. 

Does the Price of Braces Change Depending on the Age? 

The price of braces is determined by the adjustments needed, and how long the braces will be worn. These two parameters are usually linked together. The more adjustment required, the more time the child will have to wear the braces. The child will have to go for regular dental visits for frequent checkups. Adults, on the one hand, need more time to get good results after treatment. Adults may also experience additional problems like weak roots, gum diseases etc. This may make the braces of an adult cost more. But to get a much more precise cost, you need to make an appointment with your orthodontist. 

At what age should I schedule an orthodontic appointment? || Team Demas Orthodontics

How Does the Process Start? 

When you notice that your child needs braces, the next step is to look for an orthodontist who is experienced with children and who you can trust. The orthodontist will conduct an assessment of your child’s dental needs through various steps which may include x-rays. 

Once this process is complete, a treatment will be recommended by your orthodontist, or you will be advised to wait first for the mouth of your child to develop.  

How Dental Braces Work? 

Braces work by the application of pressure to the teeth in order for them to change their position. This can be accomplished by an orthodontist by attaching mechanical devices to the teeth to push them in a certain direction. When a tooth receives the pressure, its roots apply pressure on the underlying alveolar bone, and the tooth is then allowed to move to where it is being pushed to. 

When the bone shifts, new bone is formed in the empty space on the other part of the root to ensure that the tooth does not move to its original place. Before an orthodontic treatment of placing braces starts, you might be required to have one or two teeth removed. 

Placing braces takes approximately two hours. You will tend to experience some discomfort or soreness for a few days after getting braces, and adjusting them will take some time. But to counter that, you can get some painkillers like ibuprofen to help with the pain. 


For more information to answer a question like “What is the best age for getting braces?” or information regarding how to get braces and the different types of braces available, call us, and we will be able to give your dental makeup a new life. 

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Does Age Matter When Getting Braces?

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