The Dos and Don’ts of Orthodontic Treatment

by | Mar 6, 2014

Why Should You Keep Braces On?

Fixed braces are the commonest kind of orthodontic appliances used and they are fitted in place with a purpose in mind and that is to straighten the teeth. They are designed to remain in place until the job they have been set out to do has been accomplished.

The braces works in such a way that the wires that are attached to the teeth exert a small amount of force on the teeth through the use of brackets so that they will move into a position that ensures the teeth are straighter. The brackets are glued to the teeth using orthodontic glue and then the wires are affixed with elastic rings to the brackets.

The complexities and exactness involved when fitting brackets is important to ensure that they work precisely just how the orthodontist wants them to work. You have to keep the braces in for as long as the orthodontist specifies. You may think that not long after the installation of your braces your teeth seem to be a lot straighter, but there is more to tooth movement than just the appearance of the teeth.

You may wish to remove the braces for good if you see this improvement in your teeth but you should stop right here as it is not just the teeth that need moving but also the roots. Removing the braces before the roots have been sufficiently moved will mean that your teeth will move back into their original position but once the roots have been moved then it is a lot more difficult for the teeth to move.

Don’t Try and Realign Your Teeth Yourself

Do not take the process of realignment of your teeth into your own hands as you should follow fastidiously the instructions given to you by your orthodontist. He or she wants to see good results too. It is like an architect wants to see the outcome of a building design when it stands alive and kicking on the skyline, an orthodontist wants to see the magic that he or she has created through architecturally designing a new look for your teeth.

You are letting both yourself and your orthodontist down if you willfully attempt to remove your braces before the time has come to do so. If you are a teen, anxious to show you no longer have protruding or crooked teeth, or an adult who wants to show off a new smile, then your time with braces will be lengthened if you tamper with them or try to remove them earlier than is advised.

In order to ensure the teeth straightening process is as short as possible, keep the braces on, don’t eat food that could damage your braces and ensure that you spend extra time keeping those braces clean and your teeth as well so that you can be sure that the braces treatment was worthwhile.

If you would like more information about how long you should keep your braces on, make an appointment with Team Demas Orthodontics to discuss how your braces are benefiting you.

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