What else are Braces for?

by | Jul 31, 2014

Besides Straight Teeth, What are the Benefits of Braces?

Straight teeth create beautiful, full smiles. But the appearance of your child’s teeth isn’t the only reason to consider braces. Health factors such as the ability to properly clean and maintain teeth and gums should play an important role in your decision. Failure to keep teeth and gums clean can cause many health issues including heart disease and diabetes. Misaligned teeth that sit too close or too far apart make it difficult to brush and floss which can lead to increased cavities, gum disease, and tooth decay. Prevent future oral health problems now so your child won’t have to spend time and money correcting these issues later on.

Talk with your child’s orthodontist about the types of braces available. Options include traditional clear and metal braces that fit on the front of teeth, braces that fit on the back of teeth, and clear plastic aligners.

Additional benefits of braces include:

• Realign teeth to prevent overcrowding
• Bite correction
• Increased confidence

Realign Teeth to Prevent Overcrowding:

Braces help reduce overcrowding by realigning teeth so they sit evenly instead of on top of each other. Overcrowding causes unnecessary strain and pressure on teeth. This pressure can lead to frequent headaches, jaw and neck pain and general discomfort. Failure to correct overcrowding may lead to periodontal disease and tooth decay in the future.

Bite Correction:

Overbite, underbite, and crossbite each cause pain and discomfort. Braces help correct these conditions by realigning teeth to create a normal bite that is healthier and safer. If left untreated, an abnormal bite can lead to health problems including premature tooth wear, temporomandibular joint disorder (TMJ), and bone loss.

Increased Confidence:

Correcting overbite, underbite, or overcrowding can help build your child’s confidence. Not only will they have a great smile, they will want to smile more often! Reducing pain and discomfort associated with these conditions can help your child get a better night’s sleep, eat healthier foods (hopefully), and feel less stressed during the day.

More than Just Straight Teeth:

Deciding to invest in braces for your child is something you will have to weigh carefully as braces require regular care and attention. But the long term benefits include better oral health with less risk of breathing problems and memory loss as both conditions have been linked to poor oral hygiene.

To make wearing braces a little easier, consider colored braces. Let your child personalize their braces with bright colorful bands – it makes wearing braces more fun and less stressful.

Contact Team Demas Orthodontics today to learn more about braces and the options available for your child. Our highly trained professionals of orthodontics can provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

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