Every tooth in a man’s head is worth more than a diamond


If you look at the title of this article and think that it cannot be taken literally, think again. Although the sentiment may be heartfelt, every tooth is actually worth around the price of a small diamond to you. If you lose a tooth because of a lack of care for that tooth, the amount of money that you will have to pay in order to repair the subsequent damages will total up to about the price of a diamond.

When a tooth is extracted from the mouth, other teeth begin to shift. This can completely upset the balance of the mouth, head and neck. You may begin to experience pain when chewing. You may experience migraines and headaches. Taking care of these problems costs money.

Instead of paying a diamond’s ransom because you do not feel like caring for your teeth, it is much easier, less painful and less expensive to engage in preventive measures such as brushing and flossing on a consistent basis. Aside from having clean teeth, going to an orthodontist to fix any imbalance problems before they become detrimental to your lifestyle is another preventive technique that can save you a lot of money.

In short, floss and brush teeth daily. If you experience any issues of imbalance, including migraines, shoulder stiffness, pain when chewing, etc., we want to be the orthodontist practice to get you back into fighting shape. Be sure to give us a call or an email when you are ready to improve your entire lifestyle without paying the ransom of a diamond. We look forward to helping your mouth perform at its best and look as good as it possibly can without charging you a diamond for it!

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