Lasers in Orthodontics

by | Jul 24, 2014

Can Lasers Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Faster?

You likely know that lasers are precision instruments. No matter the application, in experienced hands, lasers usually get the job done faster than the alternative. This is certainly true in the world of orthodontia.

How Do Lasers Brighten Smiles Faster?

At Team Demas Orthodontics, we are the smile specialists. The newest orthodontia tools with built-in lasers help us precisely target areas where we can improve your child’s smile. Precision makes us more efficient and effective. We like those two qualities very much, and we imagine you do, too.

Is Faster Better?

Do you agree that “faster” is only good when it produces an improved outcome compared to the standard way of doing things? We at Team Demas are certainly in tune with that line of thought. Our practice is committed to doing things better than the standard. We are proud to say that in our experienced hands, time-saving laser-aided tools are better!

What Are the Benefits of Laser-Aided Orthodontia Instruments?

Consider this list of ways you and your child can benefit from the laser tools used by our practice:

  •  Less time in the orthodontist’s chair
  •  Shorter time required to wear items like braces and headgear
  •  Less pain
  •  A better smile faster

Can You Just Imagine How Lasers Will Improve Your Child’s Smile?

Surely, you want your children’s “braces before and after” photos to amaze anybody who looks at them. Lasers make those looks of amazement come faster.

We improve lives through improved smiles. Specialized tools that incorporate laser precision add speed, efficiency, and effectiveness to everything we do. You will be pleased with the positive effects today’s “laser-guided” instruments can provide for your child’s smile.

What Orthodontia Problems Can Be Corrected with the Help of Lasers?

At Team Demas Orthodontics, most of the treatments we perform are improved by laser instruments. Lasers make speedy work of correcting the following issues:

  •  Crowded teeth
  •  Problems related to tooth spacing
  •  Overbite
  •  Underbite
  •  Crossbite
  •  Open bite
  •  Teeth protrusion
  •  Offset midlines

What Time Would You Like to Come See Us?

Our knowledge and modern equipment keep us in demand, but we are not too busy to see your child. You can feel confident and secure when putting the future of your child’s smile in the hands of the specialists at Team Demas.

We are the leaders in orthodontics, and we are fast, effective, and compassionate caregivers.

Let the trained hands of our orthodontist specialist brighten your child’s smile! Contact us, and “set ’em straight” with Team Demas Orthodontics today!


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