Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your Smile

by | Mar 23, 2017

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Keep Smiling While You Wear Modern Aligners or Braces

Your smile is important because it is the first thing that someone notices about you. When you have crooked teeth, it may feel difficult to smile. However, at an orthodontist’s office, you can schedule examinations to determine if aligners or braces can improve you or your child’s smile. Having straight teeth can improve your self-esteem because you no longer feel embarrassed about talking or smiling. Instead of frowning to hide your misaligned teeth, keep smiling while wearing braces or aligners.

You Can Wear a Smile When You Have Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

Teenagers and adults can wear clear aligners on their teeth when they have mild malocclusions. You are able to change to a new set of aligners every two weeks in order to shift your teeth slowly into the correct positions in your mouth. No one will know if you are using invisible aligners to improve your smile. If you have severe malocclusions, then an orthodontist will recommend other types of braces instead of aligners. In addition, an orthodontist can design color-matching ceramic brackets that are nearly impossible to see.

Team Demas Orthodontics Is Able to Improve Your Smile

Team Demas Orthodontics located in Connecticut offers several types of orthodontic treatment to help you wear a smile. Depending on your malocclusions, you might require:

• A Herbst appliance
• A palatal expander
• Invisalign aligners
• Separators or expanders
• Ceramic or metal braces

In addition to determining if you need orthodontic treatment to repair malocclusions, you might need to fix problems such as sleep apnea or temporomandibular joint disorder. We have two orthodontists available at Team Demas Orthodontics, including:

• Dr. Mark Clauss
• Dr. Don Demas

Your smile is important to us, and we offer a thorough examination at one of these orthodontic offices:

• Southington – 860-276-0333

Call us today to schedule your first appointment with Team Demas Orthodontics.


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