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Word of Wisdom No. 4: Eat ‘Detergent’ Foods

This are food stuffs that helps in cleaning the teeth instead of brushing, an example is an apple which is in most cases referred to as the natures tooth brush, other foodstuffs that may also be used for cleaning purposes includes, raw carrots and popcorns just but to mention a few. If one is unable to brush the teeth after a meal, one should consider having these food detergents after any meal. In addition to these natural food detergents, there also exists other saliva generating stuffs.

Sugarless chewing gum is one of the method, the chewing gum helps in formation of saliva, the saliva generated in turns helps in washing out of food particles. Other food stuffs that may be used for saliva generation purposes includes cheese milk and plain yoghurt. On top to washing of food particles, the saliva also contains some enzymes which counter the effects of various bacteria found in the mouth.

Drinking of water after a meal is also greatly important, the water helps to wash down all the food particles reducing chances of buildup bacteria which in most cases causes dental and mouth diseases. Some detergent foods also contain nutrients that helps in, making the teeth stronger and also helps in fighting the effect of various germs.

In general food that are firm or crisp helps in cleaning the teeth as one eats them, a series of these foods includes carrots, sugarcanes, celery and unsweetened popcorns.  Orthodontist recommends that in a case where one is not able to clean the teeth after a meal, one should consider eating of these food detergents. It is worth noting that accumulation of food particles in the mouth causes weakening of the teeth, that notwithstanding, the particles are responsible for the foul smell in the mouth. Please do not forget to contact Team Demas Orthodontics to get the solutions to all your orthodontic needs.

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