Orthodontic Check-up Guide

by | Feb 27, 2014

When is the right time for an orthodontic check-up?

People often wonder when they should first go for an orthodontic check-up. The American Association of Orthodontists has a simple answer to this question as they recommend that a child should pay his or her first visit to an orthodontist at 7 years of age.

This magic age of 7 has been earmarked as it is when the child is starting to gain a combination of both baby and permanent teeth.  An early visit to the orthodontist will reveal any problems that are currently affecting the teeth. Once the baby teeth have all been lost and there is an underlying problem emerging, the permanent teeth may be at risk of damage later on. At a first consultation, the jaw and its relationship to the jawbone are closely scrutinized too.

The American Association of Orthodontists states that an orthodontist has the capacity to spot barely noticeable problems occurring with jaw growth and erupting teeth when the baby teeth are still in the mouth. A parent may think their child’s teeth are straight but an orthodontist can see beyond the outside appearance and can detect abnormalities that may cause problems in the future.

Early Consultations are The Best

An early consultation may identify no problem with the child’s bite, but on the other hand, a problem could be found which may mean keeping a close eye on the child’s ongoing growth and development until it is necessary to implement a useful early treatment plan. Many alignment problems are a lot simpler and more cost effective to treat when the child is younger and still immature. The best results can often be achieved while the face and jaws are still maturing.

 There is quite an array of early treatment options available that are not invasive, including the guiding of jaw growth, correcting oral habits that maybe harmful, improving facial appearance, improving how the lips meet and helping to guide permanent teeth into the most favorable position.

Of course, the orthodontist will always consider the level of emotional maturity and likely co-operation of the child before any treatment program is either suggested or started. There is a certain amount of self-discipline required when wearing braces or headgear so that the treatment process is not unnecessarily prolonged.

Conversely, if a child doesn’t see an orthodontist at an early age, he or she may have to succumb to unnecessary teasing or ridicule if their permanent teeth start to protrude, overlap or appear crooked. An astute or caring parent will put their child first and ensure that their young life is protected by getting any available treatment as timely as possible.

If you would like some advice about when your child, or you yourself, should visit an orthodontist for a check-up, make an appointment with Team Demas Orthodontics today.

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