Reasons for a Prolonged Braces Treatment

by | Jul 10, 2014

Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

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The eagerness and expectation of waiting to finally get your orthodontic braces off can almost be overwhelming. It’s likely the most frequent question that orthodontic patients have – ‘When are my braces coming off?’ There are several different reasons why an orthodontist specialist may choose to keep braces on a particular patient for a bit longer. Also, it’s critical that the patient listens and keeps their orthodontic appliance on as prescribed by their specialist for the proper amount of time in order to ensure success.

Generally, most orthodontists who prescribe different types of braces offer a timeframe surrounding the length of time the appliance needs to be worn and approximately when it will come off. So, if the original removal date has come and gone, you are probably wondering why you’re still wearing braces. Here are a few reasons why they may still be on.

1. Misdiagnosed Condition:

The first reason why you may still be wearing braces could perhaps stem from a misdiagnosis of your condition from the early stages of your orthodontic treatment. There can always be a few issues with any particular treatment plan and some patients may respond more favorably to various kinds of treatments. If your original diagnosis was inaccurate and/or you didn’t actually respond to the treatment in the way your orthodontist intended, you will most likely need to continue the treatment a little while longer than what was initially predicted.

2. Treatment Issues:

Sometimes, a patient may experience certain issues throughout their treatment such as a broken orthodontic appliance or a bent wire. Any amount of time that you spent with your appliance on could result in the time it takes to make it up in your ongoing treatment process. This is crucial to note, particularly for anyone experiencing difficulties with their orthodontic appliance. It’s important to address any issues as soon as possible so that your progress isn’t hindered too much longer and you end up wearing the appliance a great deal longer than expected.

3. Appointment Problems:

The last reason why you’re braces are still on could be due to scheduling problems revolving around your appointments. Most orthodontic appliances need adjustments and therefore require regular appointments. If you had to miss an appointment(s) because of a holiday and had to reschedule, this could work against you in terms of forward progress and could cause you to wear your appliance for an extended period of time depending on how many appointments you actually missed.

These are some of the key reasons why some patients must continue wearing their braces treatment. If you have any questions or concerns regarding the general protocol about orthodontic procedures, consult the experts at Team Demas Orthodontics.

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