Right Diet = White Teeth

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Words of Wisdom No.1 “Go On a White-Teeth Diet”

The diet taken in most cases influences on the type of teeth that one has colored diet greatly contribute in making the teeth more dingy. The selection of the diet is thus very vital, the type of stuffs that should be avoided ranges from alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and a series of foods. In a case one is not able to restrain from these diets, then it is important to brush or gaggle some water immediately after the drink or the meal.

Quaffing some colored wine either red or black is also likely to stain the teeth, in addition to that, other culprits of dingy teeth includes, smokers and a series of vegetable consumers. In line with vegetables, one should avoid salads, carrots, peas and lettuce. Also, consumption of fruits other than bananas is greatly discouraged.

Drinks that one should avoid include; wines, black tea, colored juices and hypotonic water. Hyper tonic water is discouraged due to its acidic nature which turns the teeth brown. Keeping away from sauces such as bolognaise is also beneficial in this process though eating pasta sauce have no harm on the teeth color .Chewing of gums instead of sweets or chocolates is greatly advocated for by various orthodontists in this field.

Some of the methods that may be used to remove stains or avoid stains includes, brushing of teeth immediately after any meal or drink is the best measure. In case one is using bleaching agents, one should consider using bonjela to avoid extreme sensitivity, which can be painful at times. Avoiding wheat is also a precautionary measure. However, in a case where one is not able to refrain from some diets, brushing of the teeth immediately after the meal can also be used to prevent teeth discoloration. Please do not forget to contact Team Demas Orthodontics to get the solutions to all your orthodontic needs.

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