Role of Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment

by | Jan 30, 2014

Why should I visit the dentist during my treatment?

If you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment you may seem to think that you aren’t required to continue making appointments with your regular dentist. The truth is orthodontists are generally looking at very different and specialized issues such as correcting and adjusting your teeth into their correct position. The role of cleaning and oral health is something that needs to be taken on regularly by your family dentist or local dental office and this role is not something that should be neglected even if you are undergoing an orthodontic treatment.

If you have braces or wearing an orthodontic appliance you need to continue seeing your dentist at regular intervals as cleaning can become especially more important during the treatment. Because a dentist will have a variety of tools that can help to clean around orthodontic appliances you can actually work at preventing cavities and other damage while you are wearing orthodontic appliances with regular professional cleaning from a dentist. Braces and orthodontic appliances mean extra ducks and crannies which can be really difficult to clean with traditional brushing and flossing. Dentists will be able to get into all of these notes and crannies to prevent plaque and tartar buildup and to ensure that you are not facing any oral health concerns. Taking care of your teeth is very important as you have already invested time to align and straighten your teeth so it would be a shame to have unhealthy teeth for poor overall oral health when your braces or orthodontic appliance has removed.

Other issues like decalcification can also be identified by a dental professional. This type of issue can cause a loss of calcium in your teeth which can cause them to lose strength, chip and cause serious cavities. If this condition is allowed to persist without a professional intervention you can have real issues.

Prolonging your treatment:

If you are unable to see a dentist regularly throughout the course of your orthodontic treatment there is a good chance that you could delay the overall length of your treatment. Something as simple as seeing a dentist every six months or following your dentists recommendations for appointments can help to strengthen and protect your teeth from cavities. Every cavity that you get could potentially prolong your treatment as your orthodontic appliance may need to be removed in order to correct these issues. Any time that you aren’t wearing your orthodontic appliance could be time that your teeth will begin to move back to their original position and prolong your treatment process. This is why regular cleaning and checkups are so important.

Senior dentist regularly throughout the course of your treatment will also make sure that your teeth look their absolute best when your orthodontic appliance has been removed. Maintaining your overall oral health as well as attending regularly scheduled orthodontic appointments is one of the best ways that you can ensure your oral health and that your orthodontic treatment can progress efficiently.

If you have any questions about cleaning or you require a recommendation for a dentist in the area for regular cleaning and checkups please contact Team Demas orthodontics today.

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Role of Dentist During Orthodontic Treatment

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