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One of the first questions that people will usually ask when they meet a new couple is, how did the two of you meet? Or they might ask, what was it that drew you to the other person? Usually, a lovey-dovey, mushy story will follow that details the circumstances that led to them meeting and eventually falling in love. In 90 percent of the stories, one line that you will hear is, ‘I just fell in love with his or her smile.’

It is very interesting to look at the way that a smile can attract us to an individual or can repel us from an individual. A person who has a healthy and white smile full of straight teeth instantly appears more attractive to others. Their smile makes them seem more inviting. People want to talk to and get to know others who have an attractive smile. Really, it is not an exaggeration to say that the shortest distance between two people is a smile. This explains the popularity of Invisalign CT clinics.

In times past, the only options that existed for people who were looking to improve the condition of their smile was to visit Orthodontists in CT and get braces. And while braces have worked for countless millions of individuals, there were definite drawbacks to their use. One drawback was the pain and discomfort that the user experienced. Braces require frequent visits to the Orthodontists in CT for adjustments. Being made of metal, they would often cut the inside of the user’s mouth. Now, an Orthodontist Southington CT can offer their patients an alternative. That alternative is Invisalign CT provides.

The Invisalign procedure used by an orthodontist Southington CT has to offer consists of a series of multiple removable teeth aligners that over time straighten the patient’s teeth. These aligners can be removed when the patient eats food, when they brush their teeth, and when they floss. Once the aligner does its job, it will be replaced with another, and slowly the patient’s teeth will be adjusted.

If you feel that your smile is less than perfect, let Team Demas Orthodontics help you to get a smile that is sure to attract all the right attention.

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