Smiles have a Tendency to Bounce Back


Smile Quote No. 1: If You Smile at Someone, They May Smile Back.

During your children’s teenage years, they undergo a number of trials and tribulations. Some of these situations test their confidence and make them wonder where they fit in with the rest of the world and their peers. After an appointment with Dr. Don Demas, you might find that they need braces, but you can teach them that what they give out to the world, they can bring back.

The Health of Their Smile

Let your teenagers know how visiting the orthodontist will improve the visual look of their smile. Even though they might have to wear braces for a few years, at the end of their journey, they might not even be able to believe what their own teeth look like. Explain to your teenagers how the power of a smile can help someone to overcome a bad situation, and help them to understand how beautiful teeth can have that power.

Sharing Confidence with Others

Don’t let them think that they cannot have confidence when their braces are on. Invisalign teen is one of the solutions for youngsters who are not feeling too great about the braces, but even when your kids are getting traditional braces, let them know they can still exude self-esteem. In fact, they don’t only have to keep this self-esteem inside. Instead, they can be proud of their braces and smile at other kids who might not feel as good about themselves. By acting in this manner, they can serve as role models to others who are struggling to accept their braces.

Teaching your teenagers how to love themselves is a major part of the parenting experience. Take the first step and call Team Demas Orthodontics, so we can all work together to show your teenagers the power that a simple smile has.

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