Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 5: Carrots



Carrots are wholesome, tasty, nutrient-rich and can be prepared and enjoyed in a variety of ways. As one of the best vegetables for healthy teeth, they should be a dietary mainstay for helping kids and teens support their oral health. Below are some of the reasons why your orthodontist recommends eating carrots.

Nature’s Toothbrush

When enjoyed raw, these root vegetables are firm, crisp and fibrous. This texture is highly effective at removing built-up plaque and food residue from the teeth, which would otherwise stick around to encourage the growth of bacteria and the formation tooth-eroding acids. In addition, one study found that this vegetable contains a natural antibacterial substance, which can help kill oral bacteria before it can do harm. However, it’s still important to brush and floss regularly as simply eating a carrot doesn’t provide optimal tooth cleansing, especially for people with braces.

High Vitamin A Content

Vitamin A is widely known to promote good vision, but many people are unaware that it’s also important for good oral health. Vitamin A helps the body funnel calcium, phosphorus and other essential nutrients to not only bones but also teeth. It’s especially important that young children obtain plenty of vitamin A since their teeth are still developing.

Great Source of Minerals

A carrot is a root vegetable, which means it is an excellent source of many of the minerals required for proper dental health and development. Among these minerals are calcium, phosphorus, magnesium, boron and copper. Copper promotes good gum health, boron and magnesium improve absorption of other minerals, and phosphorus and calcium provide the raw materials needed for forming and maintaining the teeth.

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