Three Reasons Your Orthodontic Braces Are Still On

by | Jun 28, 2017


Braces aren’t just for teenagers anymore since millions of teens and adults have braces on their teeth every single day. Braces and orthodontic work can help align your teeth and make your smile more appealing. The specific amount of time a person needs to wear braces is obviously going to differ from one individual to the next. Some people are able to wear braces for only six months while others are in them for two or even three years. Knowing why you’re wearing braces and why they may still be on will help you put the effort and energy into your orthodontic treatment to get the most out of it.


What are the Benefits of Braces?

Whether you’ve been fitted for traditional metal braces or are wearing Invisalign, having braces is a wonderful option for people who want to improve the look of their smile. Your smile is normally going to be the first thing a person notices about you, so it’s pretty obvious that you’ll want to put a bit of time and attention into your teeth if you feel they could use it.

Seeking help from an orthodontic professional and having orthodontic appliances applied to your teeth can help begin the process of having the work done. Your orthodontist is a skilled professional who has spent many years in the dental field specializing in the straightening and aligning of teeth. Because of this, you can fully trust them to create a unique treatment plan specific to your smile that’s going to work for you. To begin creating this treatment plan and consider when brace removal will be done, your orthodontist will sit down with you to consult and go over different options available to you. You will have many different types of x-rays taken to ensure that your unique treatment plan is going to be the right fit for you.

What are Three Reasons Your Braces are Still On?

Unfortunately, not everyone is able to have their braces on for just a couple of months. Some patients who have relatively crooked teeth that need minimal straightening may be able to get away with only having their braces on for a few months, but individuals who have very crooked teeth may find that they are wearing their braces for multiple years. The key is to always keep in touch with your orthodontist to ensure that you know what is happening with your treatment plan and what to expect with each appointment. Here are three main reasons why your orthodontic braces may still be on at this time even though you feel brace removal should have been done.

Do You Keep Missing Appointments?

One reason your braces may still be on is because you consistently miss your orthodontic appointments. The whole idea of visiting your orthodontist on a monthly or bi-monthly basis is because certain things need to be done in order to continue your treatment plan. At each of your appointments, the wiring may be tightened for your braces or bands might be added to bring teeth forward or back. If you’re wearing invisible braces, you’ll be fitted with a brand new tray every single time you go to an appointment. If you consistently miss your appointments with the orthodontist, your treatment plan will be extended and you’ll be wearing braces for a longer period of time.

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 Have Issues Come Up with Your Teeth?

There are a few things that may happen that could change your overall orthodontic treatment plan for you and your orthodontist. For example, if you lost a tooth or multiple teeth during treatment, this is definitely going to affect how the treatment plays out from that point on. Some people deal with extractions or having crowns added to their smile that can also affect your braces. In some cases, braces will have to be fully removed and put back on because of different issues revolving around your teeth and possible changes to your smile during the orthodontic treatment.

Have You Been Following Instructions?

Your orthodontist may give you very specific instructions on what you need to do in order to continue your treatment at home. For example, your orthodontist might tell you that you’re going to need to begin wearing a night brace to further straighten and align your teeth. You may have to wear rubber bands that are attached to the braces themselves that will bring teeth forward or back within the mouth. If you fail to follow these instructions, it will further prolong your treatment and cause you to be in braces for an even longer period of time. If you’re ever confused as to what directions need to be followed, don’t be afraid to ask your orthodontist for help or advice.

The Importance of Your Smile

Your smile is incredibly important, and so it’s vital not to miss your appointments and wear the orthodontic appliances specified to ensure that your treatment is going smoothly and as quickly as possible. Another thing to remember about your braces is that every single person is completely unique in their own right. While one person might only have to visit their orthodontist for a few months to a year, you might be in braces and receiving orthodontic treatment for what feels like a decade. By keeping in good contact with your orthodontist, you’ll be able to know what to expect and when you’ll be getting your braces removed.

For individuals who may be interested in getting Orthodontic Braces in Southington, it is a good idea for you to contact Team Demas Orthodontics. Their trained professionals can establish a unique treatment plan that is going to help you achieve that gorgeous and photo-worthy smile. By contacting Team Demas Orthodontics, you can set up an appointment to consult with an orthodontist who will work with you every step of the way. You’ll feel confident in knowing that your smile is the best that it possibly can be with the help of these professionals at Team Demas.

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