Wear a Smile and Have Friends; Wear a Scowl and Have Wrinkles

by | Sep 15, 2016


Wear a Smile and Have Friends; Wear a Scowl and Have Wrinkles ~George Eliot

19th century novelist George Eliot was known for her satirical works, which could make biting social commentaries even while inspiring people to laugh. She understood the importance of a smile in our human society. “Wear a smile,” she wrote “and have friends.” A smile expresses openness and kindness and therefore attracts people to you, whereas, “wear a scowl, and have wrinkles.”

This is but one of the many smile quotes you may come across as you read books and search the internet. The large number and variety of smile quotes available to us indicates just how important this one feature is. If you care for your teeth, you’ll be able to eat more easily, experience less discomfort, and flash a winning smile.

Teenagers are especially concerned about making friends, and they may be self-conscious about their appearances. That’s one of many reasons why Team Demas Orthodontics is dedicated to delivering quality orthodontic services. If you’re looking for a Southington orthodontics team that can provide teen braces Southington has to offer, be sure to check out the Team Demas.

What makes Team Demas different from other orthodontists? Several factors set the practice apart from others:

  • They offer some of the most affordable braces in town.
  • Their Southington orthodontics office is open on select Saturdays, making it easier to accommodate your busy schedule.
  • They provide custom orthodontics, relying on a skilled team and expert technology such as a state-of-the-art 3D X-ray machine, one of the few such machines in the area.
  • The office boasts an entertaining game room that will keep teenagers and the young at heart content while waiting for treatment.
  • They also offer a clear alternative to braces.

Whether you’re looking for teen braces Southington provides or other high quality, affordable orthodontics services, be sure to contact Team Demas.

Team Demas Orthodontics

27 Meriden Ave #2a, Southington, CT 06489, USA
Phone: 860-276-0333

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