What to Expect When Seeing an Orthodontist

by | Feb 2, 2016

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If you’ve never visited an orthodontist before, you may be wondering what you can expect when you see one. Dr. Demas is an experienced orthodontist who uses a caring approach when working with patients. His technical expertise ensures you’ll be worked on by a proficient orthodontist while his commitment to excellence promises you’ll love the results.

What Does an Orthodontist Do?

Orthodontists are dental experts who have developed specialized skill sets to help patients get healthier, straighter teeth while improving their smile. Orthodontists also know how to handle serious and complex mouth, jaw and tooth problems, such as issues with eating or chewing, tooth decay, gum disease, speech impediments and pain.

Why You Should Choose Our Orthodontist in Southington

Dr. Demas has in-depth knowledge about orthodontics, including modern practices, growth and development, extraction-free procedures, orthodontics for both children and adults, and even hard-to-treat cases. When seeing an orthodontist in Southington, rest assured that our practice follows the American Association of Orthodontists guidelines.

What to Expect When Seeing an Orthodontist

When visiting an orthodontist, the first thing you’ll have is an initial consultation. During this meeting, your orthodontist will discuss a variety of factors with you, including alignment, spacing, crowding, position and tilt. Possible problems to be discussed include:

  • A misaligned bite that’s making your teeth rotate, overlap or even fuse to the bone.
  • Teeth that are too large for your mouth and that need to be adjusted in order to reduce the risk of losing them.
  • How your teeth need to be moved in order to get an ideal bite.

The orthodontist will do a visual exam, either during the initial consultation or at a follow-up appointment. During this exam, the orthodontist will look at your facial structure. It’s also likely that you’ll have x-rays taken at some point. Next, you’ll be told how much the treatment will cost. At this point, you can discuss financing.

Individualized Treatment Plans for Patients

Our orthodontist in Southington will create an individualized treatment plan that’s based on your diagnosis and evaluation. The treatment plan will include:

  • Dental health
  • Goals and objectives
  • Growth pattern
  • Medical health
  • Skeletal pattern
  • Treatment time





Overall, your orthodontist’s treatment goal will be to give you the best bite possible while enhancing your skeletal features. Note that children over the age of seven should have an evaluation as soon as possible. When seeing an orthodontist in Southington, it’s important to understand that proper timing is necessary to get the best results possible.

Orthodontics for Children

The first step is the observation phase. During this initial step, your orthodontist will monitor your child’s facial and skeletal growth and development. Sometimes, the treatment is turned into two separate phases in order to prevent possible problems.

  • Phase 1: The orthodontist works to make sure the jaw grows favorably. This may reduce the need to extract teeth. This phase may begin at ages six or seven.
  • Phase 2: The orthodontist treats the patient so that their teeth are properly aligned and so that they have a proper bite. This phase may begin between the ages of 11 and 14.

Children need to be treated as young as six years old because this is the time when developing problems can be treated and prevented. When permanent teeth start coming in, this is when bite problems and crowding can be evaluated. Early orthodontic treatment can also ensure that there’s enough space for the permanent teeth that are moving in. Additional benefits of early treatment include:

  • Regulating the width of dental arches
  • Decreasing the number of necessary extractions
  • Reducing impacted teeth
  • Preventing thumb-sucking
  • Preventing speech impediments
  • Allowing for normal swallowing

Orthodontics for Teenagers

It can be difficult for teens to visit an orthodontist because they’re often worried about how the treatment will affect their appearance, especially if they need to get braces. The good news is that advanced technology makes it possible to treat teens with mouth or teeth issues without affecting their appearance too much. For example, Invisalign is a great alternative to metal braces and is the perfect option for teens who have minor issues that they need to get fixed. If Invisalign isn’t available to treat your problem, don’t worry. Today’s braces are quite different from the bulky braces of the past. Modern braces are light and comfortable. They also don’t need to be adjusted frequently and they work fast to correct your issue.

Orthodontics for Adults

While children and teens most often visit the orthodontist, some adults have issues they need corrected, too. Like with teens, adults are often worried about how the treatment will affect their appearance. With Invisalign, you can have your teeth straightened with clear, custom-made aligners. However, note that Invisalign doesn’t correct all orthodontic issues. Your treatment options will be discussed during your consultation.

Preparing For Your First Visit with an Orthodontist

If you’re nervous about visiting an orthodontist for the first time or you simply want to be well-prepared, keep these

Photo credit: jon|k via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

Photo credit: jon|k via Foter.com / CC BY-NC-ND

tips in mind:

  • Aim to arrive at your appointment about 20 minutes ahead of time. You’ll need the extra time to fill out required forms while you’re waiting to be called in.
  • Bring a list of any question you want to ask the orthodontist.
  • Write down the prescriptions and medications you’re on. You’ll need to let the orthodontist know what medicines you’re using, including over-the-counter meds like Aspirin.
  • Bring your insurance plan’s card with you. The receptionist will need this information when billing you. If your insurance doesn’t cover a procedure, like getting braces, ask if there are any payment plans or discounts that the office caters.

The more prepared you are for your visit, the less nervous you’ll be! You’ll also get all of your questions answered at once instead of leaving your appointment feeling like you still aren’t clear on the treatment you need.


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