Your Child’s First Orthodontic Visit

by | Jun 20, 2018

As a parent, you often find yourself waiting for your child to tackle, and then master, a whole list of firsts. First smile, first steps, first time they ride a bike, their first day of school. As exciting as it can be to watch our babies grow up and do learn new things, it can also be a little overwhelming! That is especially true of the times when you are not sure what to expect. Planning your child’s first orthodontic visit can be one of those times, but Team Demas Orthodontics wants to take the worry out of this experience. We feel that a child’s initial visit with us is also the most important one. If you only get one chance to make a good impression, we want to take full advantage of this opportunity to wow you!

The first orthodontic visit is a chance for us to meet and get to know families that are new to our practice. It also gives us the chance to familiarize parents and children alike with our Southington office, and the treatments and services we are proud to offer. At first glance, things may seem similar to an appointment with a general dentist. However, we do things differently, something that begins with the first time you walk through our doors. To help you feel more confident and less anxious about this particular parenting unknown, let us walk you through what you can expect from your child’s very first orthodontic appointment with Dr. Demas!

Taking the first steps towards your child’s best smile

When you enter our Southington office, you will receive a warm welcome from one of our patient coordinators. Once they take some information from you, you will be given a tour of the office. This gives us a chance to show you all the care and attention we have put into creating an environment that every patient will feel comfortable and relaxed in. Our lounge area is great for both adults and kids, and for our patients who are young (or just young at heart), our game room is a fun place to chill out before or after an appointment!

Once you have been shown around the inner workings of the office, we will generally want to photograph your child’s teeth and take an x-ray. This will give us a look at what is happening beneath the surface of the gums, such as the position and growth of the bones and joints, as well as any unerupted teeth.

At this time, you will meet Dr. Demas. He will perform a thorough examination of your child’s mouth and teeth.  You may be asked if you have noticed your child having any difficulty with chewing or swallowing, or if you have heard his or her jaw making any unusual noises. It is from this analysis that Dr. Demas will be able to make a proper diagnosis and create a customized treatment plan for your child.

Depending on your child’s developmental stage when it comes to their teeth and jaws, we may recommend starting some form of treatment right away, or we may encourage you to schedule periodic check-ups for them until we can determine the best time to start treatment.

This initial orthodontic evaluation typically lasts about an hour. It is important to us that parents feel like they have plenty of time to ask questions and discuss concerns without feeling rushed.

Walking you through the treatment options

Whether treatment is indicated now or later, this first appointment is the best time to talk about the treatment options available to your child. Dr. Demas will discuss all of these options with you, and explain to you what can be expected at different stages of the treatment process. He will also review several other topics, including:

  • how we expect orthodontic treatment will benefit your child’s oral health
  • what treatment options are available to help correct your child’s specific dental issues
  • how much treatment is likely to cost
  • available payment plans and financing options
  • how long we expect the treatment process to take

Once your questions have been answered, and Dr. Demas has mapped out a treatment plan, we will go over all the fees associated with the treatment process. Because every patient we see has their own specific needs and goals, treatment costs vary on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Demas and the rest of our team work hard to provide quality orthodontic care that is affordable!  We will check with your insurance company for you to determine your eligibility for orthodontic benefits, and we are happy to file the necessary paperwork on your behalf. We also accept cash, credit cards, health savings and flexible spending plans to help offer a variety of payment plans that will suit a wide range of budgets. You can rest assured we will always do our best to help you find the most comfortable financial option for you and your family!

A beautiful smiles starts with Team Demas Orthodontics

Orthodontic treatment can sometimes be a pretty long process. As we work to create a healthier smile for your child, you can expect to see us on a regular basis. We want your child to look forward to their appointments with us, and go out of our way to keep our office atmosphere warm and welcoming, as well as up to date on the latest orthodontic techniques and technology. And you know your child is in good hands here, as Dr. Demas is one of only two orthodontists in the state who is also an experienced pediatric dentist.

If your family is in the Southington area and it is time for your child’s initial orthodontic evaluation, get in touch with us today. There is no better time than now to take the first step towards a healthy, beautiful, and confident smile for your child!

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