Can Invisalign Straighten My Teeth? Examples of Treatable Cases

by | Feb 7, 2020

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Each year, 25% of patients with braces are adults, and the remaining 75% are children and teens. Invisalign aligners are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces for patients of all ages. You may be wondering: Can an orthodontist near me use Invisalign to treat my particular case? Here are some examples of the kinds of teeth problems that can be fixed with Invisalign.


If your top front teeth hang over your bottom teeth, you have an overbite. Most patients possess at least a slight overbite. If the overbite is pronounced, your orthodontist may describe your bite as deep. A deep bite may lead to issues such as wearing down of the teeth or jaw discomfort. Orthodontists discuss overbites using percentages. They like to see overbites of between 5% and 25%. Invisalign clear aligners are used to correct overbites, including deep bites.


If your bottom front teeth are in front of your top teeth when your mouth is closed, you have an underbite. Often, the underlying issue is that your lower jaw protrudes too much. If you have an underbite, it may interfere with your ability to chew well and talk clearly, and tooth wear may become a problem. Invisalign clear aligners are used to correct underbites in certain cases. A more pronounced underbite may need surgical treatment in addition to Invisalign. If you’re wondering, can an orthodontist near me fix my underbite? you should seek a consultation.


Your orthodontist may tell you you have a crossbite if some of your top teeth rest inside your bottom teeth when you close your mouth; your top teeth should all sit on the outside of your bottom teeth. A crossbite can cause tooth wear or chips in teeth, receding of the gums, or small grooves above the gum line. These issues can result in pain in the gums and bone loss. Invisalign clear aligners can treat some cases of crossbite.

Gap Teeth

Your orthodontist will tell you you have gap teeth when they see extra spaces between teeth. Gap teeth may cause the formation of pockets between your gums and teeth, which is a problem since food particles may accumulate in these pockets. This can lead to painful gums and possibly to gum disease. Invisalign clear aligners can be used to close gaps in teeth. You may be thinking, can an orthodontist near me help my gap teeth? You can find out during an initial consultation.

Open Bite

If you close your mouth and find that your top and bottom teeth don’t meet, this is referred to as an open bite. This problem can cause difficulties with chewing or biting into hard foods such as apples. Invisalign clear aligners are used to treat open bites.

Crowded Teeth

If there isn’t sufficient space in your jaw for all of your teeth to be positioned normally, your teeth may be pushed together or toward the front or back of your mouth, or they may twist and overlap. It’s hard to perform proper hygiene with crowded teeth, since it’s difficult to brush and floss them properly. Tartar, plaque, and bacteria can accumulate and eventually cause cavities and gum disease. Crowded teeth may get worse as the years go by. Invisalign clear aligners are used to correct crowded teeth.

Baby and Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth sometimes need orthodontic intervention, when the child is between six and 10 years old. This is called Phase 1 treatment, and its purpose is to help jaws and arches develop so that baby teeth and new permanent teeth are properly spaced. Phase 1 treatment can:

  • Keep current bite problems from worsening
  • Straighten baby teeth
  • Make a young patient’s smile look better
  • Address behaviors like thumb sucking
  • Help make Phase 2 interventions easier and faster

Invisalign First aligners can be used for Phase 1.

Crooked Teeth

Even if you don’t have a pronounced problem, you might simply want to have straighter teeth to increase your confidence about your appearance. Invisalign can straighten your teeth as much as 50% faster than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign clear aligners can fix many types of dental problems. They work faster, look better, and feel more comfortable than traditional braces. They are used for patients of all ages, including young children. If you’re thinking, where can I find an orthodontist near me who uses Invisalign? contact our team today.

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