Why Orthodontists Recommend Adult Braces

Why Orthodontists Recommend Adult Braces

Dental care ensures that you enjoy the best oral health and like the way your teeth appear. It is one of the reasons to bring back that beautiful smile and have the perfect bite. However, some situations could lead to poor alignment of the teeth, and that means that you have to look for ways to correct them. If you talk to affordable orthodontists, they will tell you that braces are the perfect way to bring back the beautiful smile.


Studies show that you will not have to wear adult braces for too long because the average time that people wear them is two years. It means that as long as you follow instructions, it will not be too long before you get the right teeth alignment. In addition to that, modern braces are comfortable, and therefore, you do not even have to worry about how long you will be wearing them.


Improve Self-Esteem


The main reason people look for affordable orthodontists for braces is that they want to improve the way they look. Everyone wants to have that perfect look, and that includes their teeth. If you are involved in activities where your teeth are always exposed, you will not want to have people looking at you and wondering how you feel. For instance, if it is a presentation, you will not even want to appear before a panel.


However, when you get affordable braces, you quickly transform into a confident person, and that is how your self-esteem creeps back in. You will notice that when you can speak before an audience without having to worry about what they think about your teeth, your productivity grows even more. It is especially important for people whose careers depend on their physical looks.


Improve Oral and Physical Health


Although most people consult affordable orthodontists on braces because of cosmetic reasons, it is even more critical because it leads to improved physical and oral health. For example, cleaning teeth when they are correctly aligned will be more comfortable than when they are crooked. If you are brushing and the brush cannot reach every surface of the tooth, you can be sure that your oral health will be in jeopardy. However, when they are aligned, even flossing will become much more manageable.


The same effect on oral health applies to physical fitness because when you observe hygiene, you are sure that the entire body will respond accordingly. You will notice that you even feel happier, and that is how your body transforms into one that you have always wanted. It all starts by getting those braces for adults and using them correctly.


How to Get the Right Braces


After knowing the reasons to visit affordable orthodontists in your area to buy braces, you should also know how to find the best. Remember that these are items that apply to your health, and therefore, you have to choose them carefully. Many orthodontists will offer these items, but you should not choose one before you are sure of what you are buying. The best option is to start by looking for reputable orthodontists.


In addition to that, you have to know the materials that are best for you before buying these items. You may want to choose between metal and ceramic braces, depending on what is most appropriate for you. For instance, metal materials are the most common type because they have been in use for the longest time. However, you may also want to experiment with other models such as ceramics, to know how much better they can get.


To sum it up, affordable orthodontists can help you to find braces and improve your oral health. It will also enhance your smile and build your self-esteem so that you can face people with confidence. However, it is essential to know that to achieve such results; you have to look for reputable professionals who provide orthodontics for adults. Get your preferred materials for braces today, and start changing the way you look.

What You Need to Know About Clear Ceramic Braces

What You Need to Know About Clear Ceramic Braces

Clear ceramic braces

According to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are around 4 million Americans wearing braces today. Clear ceramic braces are among the most commonly worn. You might not be as familiar with them as you are with metal braces. Here’s what you need to know about clear ceramic braces.

Advantages of clear ceramic braces

People often choose to have clear ceramic braces because it’s not as visible as metal braces. In particular, young adults and teenagers prefer not to have attention drawn towards their braces during group outings or when giving public speeches. Clear ceramic braces are less visible because they’re made with materials that are tooth-colored or clear. In addition to being less visible, there’s less space taken up by the brackets on the front of your teeth. With advancements in removing clear ceramic braces, there may also be less chance that your tooth enamel will be damaged when they’re removed. In comparison to Invisalign, clear ceramic braces can help with more significant issues related to teeth straightening. This option can also be less likely to cause any cuts to your gums.

Disadvantages of clear ceramic braces

If not properly taken care of, clear ceramic braces can get stained easily. It’s important to consume fewer foods and drinks that cause stains. Additionally, it’s necessary to regularly brush them, which can take time due to having to use specific cleaning instruments. In the event of stains, orthodontists are able to change out the wires at your next appointment. Clear ceramic braces can also potentially be more expensive than metal braces. Be sure to consult with your orthodontist about payment plans to see if the costs can be managed. Lastly, your treatment may take longer than they would with metal braces. Discuss with your orthodontist about the timeline for when you’ll be able to have your clear ceramic braces removed.

Differences between clear ceramic braces and Invisalign

While both of these options provide clearness, there is some difference between them. Clear ceramic braces have brackets and wire, while Invisalign does not. Instead, Invisalign is a plastic aligner that goes over the teeth and helps to move them in the right position. Additionally, the appointments are not as long or frequent for Invisalign patients. Patients with clear ceramic braces have to have wires and brackets adjusted, which can take more time. It may also be less uncomfortable using Invisalign in comparison to clear ceramic braces. The option you choose will depend on what your specific teeth issues are. Your orthodontist will be able to determine which option is best for you.

Clear ceramic braces have both advantages and disadvantages for patients. It’s important to weigh the pros and cons in order to decide on the right option. Your orthodontist will be able to inform you about all of your options and recommend the best course of action.

Is Your Child Ready For Metal Braces?

Is Your Child Ready For Metal Braces?

It’s a fact of life — some kids will need metal braces to correct minor and severe dental issues they develop down the line. However, as a parent, it’s your job to ensure they’re ready for the responsibility. If the two of you have been contemplating braces for children, read on.

Have They Shown Concern?

A crooked smile can take its toll on anyone’s self esteem — especially a child or teen. Ask yourself whether your child has expressed concern about their teeth in the past. Do you think straighter teeth would help boost their confidence? If so, treatment is worth it.

They Feel Comfortable at The Orthodontist’s Chair

Metal braces require some upkeep. You’ll have to bring your child in to get them tightened every few months. Make sure they are ready to make that commitment.

They Take Great Care of Their Teeth

Clear and metal braces require upkeep at home too. Make sure your child is ready to take on that responsibility. They’ll have to clean their Invisalign trays and make sure to take them out when eating. If the two of you opt for metal braces, they’ll have to avoid certain foods and learn how to brush around the wires.

They are of Age

Braces are great for kids. However, you want to make sure you’re starting treatment at the right age. Eleven is common for younger children. However, your teenager is a great candidate, as well.

They’re In Pain

Pain and soreness are the biggest red flags you should watch out for. Misaligned teeth may cause pain down to the jaw. To prevent any severe issues now and down the line into adulthood, bring your child in for a consultation as soon as you can.

Contact Us For More Information

If your child has expressed concern about their teeth, and proved themselves to be a responsible candidate, then congratulations! Your child will make an excellent candidate for treatment. For more information about metal braces, contact us today. We’ll get you in touch with a qualified orthodontist in the area who can help you develop the best game plan for you and your child.

Can Invisalign Straighten My Teeth? Examples of Treatable Cases

Can Invisalign Straighten My Teeth? Examples of Treatable Cases

orthodontist near me

Each year, 25% of patients with braces are adults, and the remaining 75% are children and teens. Invisalign aligners are a popular alternative to traditional metal braces for patients of all ages. You may be wondering: Can an orthodontist near me use Invisalign to treat my particular case? Here are some examples of the kinds of teeth problems that can be fixed with Invisalign.


If your top front teeth hang over your bottom teeth, you have an overbite. Most patients possess at least a slight overbite. If the overbite is pronounced, your orthodontist may describe your bite as deep. A deep bite may lead to issues such as wearing down of the teeth or jaw discomfort. Orthodontists discuss overbites using percentages. They like to see overbites of between 5% and 25%. Invisalign clear aligners are used to correct overbites, including deep bites.


If your bottom front teeth are in front of your top teeth when your mouth is closed, you have an underbite. Often, the underlying issue is that your lower jaw protrudes too much. If you have an underbite, it may interfere with your ability to chew well and talk clearly, and tooth wear may become a problem. Invisalign clear aligners are used to correct underbites in certain cases. A more pronounced underbite may need surgical treatment in addition to Invisalign. If you’re wondering, can an orthodontist near me fix my underbite? you should seek a consultation.


Your orthodontist may tell you you have a crossbite if some of your top teeth rest inside your bottom teeth when you close your mouth; your top teeth should all sit on the outside of your bottom teeth. A crossbite can cause tooth wear or chips in teeth, receding of the gums, or small grooves above the gum line. These issues can result in pain in the gums and bone loss. Invisalign clear aligners can treat some cases of crossbite.

Gap Teeth

Your orthodontist will tell you you have gap teeth when they see extra spaces between teeth. Gap teeth may cause the formation of pockets between your gums and teeth, which is a problem since food particles may accumulate in these pockets. This can lead to painful gums and possibly to gum disease. Invisalign clear aligners can be used to close gaps in teeth. You may be thinking, can an orthodontist near me help my gap teeth? You can find out during an initial consultation.

Open Bite

If you close your mouth and find that your top and bottom teeth don’t meet, this is referred to as an open bite. This problem can cause difficulties with chewing or biting into hard foods such as apples. Invisalign clear aligners are used to treat open bites.

Crowded Teeth

If there isn’t sufficient space in your jaw for all of your teeth to be positioned normally, your teeth may be pushed together or toward the front or back of your mouth, or they may twist and overlap. It’s hard to perform proper hygiene with crowded teeth, since it’s difficult to brush and floss them properly. Tartar, plaque, and bacteria can accumulate and eventually cause cavities and gum disease. Crowded teeth may get worse as the years go by. Invisalign clear aligners are used to correct crowded teeth.

Baby and Permanent Teeth

Baby teeth sometimes need orthodontic intervention, when the child is between six and 10 years old. This is called Phase 1 treatment, and its purpose is to help jaws and arches develop so that baby teeth and new permanent teeth are properly spaced. Phase 1 treatment can:

  • Keep current bite problems from worsening
  • Straighten baby teeth
  • Make a young patient’s smile look better
  • Address behaviors like thumb sucking
  • Help make Phase 2 interventions easier and faster

Invisalign First aligners can be used for Phase 1.

Crooked Teeth

Even if you don’t have a pronounced problem, you might simply want to have straighter teeth to increase your confidence about your appearance. Invisalign can straighten your teeth as much as 50% faster than traditional metal braces.

Invisalign clear aligners can fix many types of dental problems. They work faster, look better, and feel more comfortable than traditional braces. They are used for patients of all ages, including young children. If you’re thinking, where can I find an orthodontist near me who uses Invisalign? contact our team today.

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Family’s Orthodontist

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Family’s Orthodontist

family orthodontist

There are 4 million people wearing braces in the United States. Out of those 4 million, 75% of them are under the age of 18.

So, it’s safe to say that the growing teen should have access to great dental care all throughout their adolescence.

Having a family orthodontist you trust should be crucial if you’re a parent. If you’re concerned with finding the right professional that’s right for you and your family, keep reading.

Here are the top things you need to consider when selecting a new family orthodontist.

How old are your children?

If you have a teen or two in the household, strongly consider family orthodontists over those that do not offer family-related services. Family orthodontists cater to a wide range of ages, whether you’re looking to get your teen’s teeth straightened, or need to get childrens braces for your little one. In conclusion, make sure that the orthodontists in question are certified to work with families, and not just one specific population. After all, having a doctor for each member of your family can get rather confusing fast.

What kind of dental work do you need?

Family dentists should also cater to the adults in your family. You, as a parent, may not necessarily need braces, but one never knows when the odd emergency can happen. Ensure that your orthodontist or dentist of choice can cover any dental surgeries or sleep apnea treatments.

Check testimonials

When in doubt, ask your friends and family for testimonials. Also, if you’ve stumbled across a clinic’s website, carefully read through their reviews to ensure your potential orthodontist is a good fit.

If you still find yourself asking a ton of questions regarding health coverage and finances, make sure to give their office a quick call.

Family Orthodontists and finding the best fit

As you can see, there are many things you should consider when looking for the best orthodontist for you and your family. Make sure to check reviews, contact their clinic, and make your best judgment. After all, this is a potentially lifelong connection you’re making — since family orthodontists cater to children, teens, and adults.

If you’ve been searching to no avail, make sure to contact us for some of the best dental care in the area.