Is Your Child Ready For Metal Braces?

It’s a fact of life — some kids will need metal braces to correct minor and severe dental issues they develop down the line. However, as a parent, it’s your job to ensure they’re ready for the responsibility. If the two of you have been contemplating braces for children, read on.

Have They Shown Concern?

A crooked smile can take its toll on anyone’s self esteem — especially a child or teen. Ask yourself whether your child has expressed concern about their teeth in the past. Do you think straighter teeth would help boost their confidence? If so, treatment is worth it.

They Feel Comfortable at The Orthodontist’s Chair

Metal braces require some upkeep. You’ll have to bring your child in to get them tightened every few months. Make sure they are ready to make that commitment.

They Take Great Care of Their Teeth

Clear and metal braces require upkeep at home too. Make sure your child is ready to take on that responsibility. They’ll have to clean their Invisalign trays and make sure to take them out when eating. If the two of you opt for metal braces, they’ll have to avoid certain foods and learn how to brush around the wires.

They are of Age

Braces are great for kids. However, you want to make sure you’re starting treatment at the right age. Eleven is common for younger children. However, your teenager is a great candidate, as well.

They’re In Pain

Pain and soreness are the biggest red flags you should watch out for. Misaligned teeth may cause pain down to the jaw. To prevent any severe issues now and down the line into adulthood, bring your child in for a consultation as soon as you can.

Contact Us For More Information

If your child has expressed concern about their teeth, and proved themselves to be a responsible candidate, then congratulations! Your child will make an excellent candidate for treatment. For more information about metal braces, contact us today. We’ll get you in touch with a qualified orthodontist in the area who can help you develop the best game plan for you and your child.

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