What Does an Ideal Bite Look Like?

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People are often referred to the orthodontist because of an improper bite. While this is one of the main oral health conditions that orthodontics is designed to fix, you may be surprised to know that an imperfect bite can be used to describe several different types of conditions. For instance, you may have heard of overbites, which give people prominent front teeth. Alternatively, you may have noticed that your teeth seem all over the place, and certain teeth may even hit the others too hard when you chew. When you wonder what should a perfect teeth look like, you can learn the answers to your questions in this guide.

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What’s The Difference between a Dentist, Endodontist, And Orthodontist?

Dentistry has come a long way since the time when it was performed by the first experts. Now, it has divided into specialties that treat different types of problems that have to do with the mouth. Two of those specialties are orthodontics and endodontics.
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Difference between a Dentist and Orthodontist

The field of medicine has many different specialists. In dentistry, there are two professionals that may confuse patients with oral conditions; a dentist and orthodontist. The two are quite similar. In general, ever, orthodontists train for a longer period than dentists. This makes them qualified for more procedures than general dentists. 

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Is It Safe to Undergo Orthodontic Treatments During Pregnancy?

Pregnancy is a vulnerable time, and in light of the potential risks some women may feel hesitant to undergo orthodontic treatments during pregnancy. The fear of radiation exposure associated with medical imaging is particularly common, and it’s natural for mothers-to-be to worry that their babies might be adversely affected.
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The Greatest Self Is a Peaceful Smile, That Always Sees the World Smiling Back. – Bryant H. McGill

Bryant H. McGill left a peaceful quote that challenged us to not only be kind to ourselves but also to change our perspectives. He said that having peaceful smile reflections on the inside and out is the best version of ourselves that we can be. A peaceful smile is such a wonderful thing because it indicates that you have an inner peace that many people in the world never get to experience. If you can reach to the point of having an inner peace even for one moment, then you have achieved an amazing thing.

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You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

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The Importance of Your Smile

Many consumers have not given enough thought to the importance of their smile, and they are happy with their semi-annual trips to the dentist. Really, there is a lot more out there for them to explore. We love this quote:

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” ~Martin Charnin

Thinking about this quote, you can envision those people in your workplace who always smile. They seem to have more confidence and appear happy most of the time. They may be putting on that smile for public consumption and on the inside feel very differently, but you want to get a bit of their confidence. You will do it however you can, everything from eating right to getting regular exercise. Another option is to perform a partnership with your local orthodontist.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 8: Apple-Raisin Salad

apple-raisin salad

Choose Friendly Food to Protect Your Braces

When you begin to wear braces, an orthodontist will tell you that it is a good idea to avoid eating hard fresh fruit, but you can chop up fruit to make it easier to chew. Tooth friendly foods such as raisins or apples are important for your overall wellness, and you can consume these fruits by making a tasty salad. Apple-raisin salad is easy to make, and you can store it in a refrigerator for several days to have it ready for fast meals.

• Apples
• Raisins
• Yogurt
• Lemon juice
• Pepper
• Salt

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 6: Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day, or as the perfect sweet treat to cap off a delicious meal? The trouble with it is that it’s loaded with sugar, just itching to attack your teeth and cause cavities.

If you’re looking for a tooth-friendly recipe that contains the sweet, creamy goodness of banana ice cream without all the added sugar (and calories!) of the original, your search is over. This is a recipe you can make for your family that everyone will rave about – including your orthodontist!

The best part? You can flavor it with a number of ingredients!

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How to Alleviate Discomfort after Putting on Braces?

Braces are popular and have been for a while now. They allow otherwise crooked teeth to transform into straight rows of pearls. However, after putting braces on, orthodontists may notice that many of their patients complain of some discomfort. Instead of having to fear or detest wearing braces because of the discomfort associated with them, you can take some steps to help your kids deal with this irritation.

Photo Credit: pexels.com
Photo Credit: pexels.com

Speak to the Orthodontist

Your orthodontist may have already spoken to your kids for methods of alleviating the irritation. However, if those techniques are not working, you should talk to the orthodontist. Sometimes, the exact effects are not known until the procedure is implemented. While orthodontists know that irritation can occur, they also know that different children and different bodies react in various ways to the braces. One way to alleviate discomfort after braces is to provide the orthodontist with a clear sense of what is happening. Just stating that discomfort exists is often not enough. Kids should articulate exactly where the irritation is and how often it is happening.

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Don’t Have Any Dental Problem: Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist?

The relationship between a dentist and an orthodontist is almost a close one. Even though the two professions are strongly related, there are marked dissimilarities. Orthodontics is a specialized domain that deals particularly with correction of teeth and jaws which are improperly positioned. Crooked teeth and those that don’t fit correctly present dental problems in terms of cleanliness, possibility of being lost at a tender age as a result of tooth decay or periodontal diseases and can exert additional stress on the chewing muscles resulting to TMJ syndrome, headaches, back, shoulder and neck pain. Crooked teeth or teeth that are not properly aligned can significantly affect one’s overall appearance.

Paying an orthodontist a visit should be high up on your frequent to do list in order to get your teeth to their best. Having your teeth checked regularly can help keep at bay dental related diseases like gum diseases and tooth decay by enabling the orthodontist to diagnose them early enough and treat them right off. Detecting and treating these dental problems early can go a long way towards mitigating the unscheduled costs related to dental procedures.

Should I Still Visit an Orthodontist Even if I don’t have Any Dental Problem?

If you don’t experience any dental abnormalities, it is prudent that you still make an appointment with the orthodontist frequently, the very least, 2 times in a calendar year, while putting to practice proper dental hygiene procedures at home. To visit orthodontist sporadically also comes with an added benefit of having the privilege of getting special and expert care from an artist in this domain. This expert is highly trained and can catch up a dental disorder with your tooth alignment or bite that a normal dentist might oversee.

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