Reduce Health Problems by Straightening Misaligned Teeth


“There is a thin line between smile and laughter.” ― Santosh Kalwar

Smile and laughter are closely related facial expressions because smiling typically precedes laughter. Many individuals do not want to smile or laugh because it shows their misaligned teeth to others, but it is easy to have straighter teeth by visiting an orthodontist for treatment. Improving the position of teeth can eliminate health problems such as:

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Smile more, help more, trust more, love more to live more – Debasish Mrindha


“Smile more, help more, trust more, love more to live more.” – Debasish Mrindha

The wonderful thing about babies is they smile just because it feels good. Why is it that we think we need a reason to smile as we get older? Powerful things come in small packages and with a simple smile, we convey positive energy, share emotion and draw the world into our circle.

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Life Is Too Short Not To Smile



“Life is Too Short not to smile. Smile as much as you can.” – Steve Imig

A smile not only makes you stand out amongst others, but a smile can also help your body function better. You may not know this, but a healthy smile could make you look younger, and it is considered one of the most fun ways to help you live longer. With facts like these, you should smile as much as you can.

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“Smile at everyone and brighten their day!” ― Ramana Pemmaraju


Smile at everyone and brighten their day!” ― Ramana Pemmaraju

There is no better way to make a first impression on people you meet than with a beautiful smile. If you have bad teeth and are embarrassed by your smile, you may avoid smiling altogether, which can make a negative impression on people you meet. Having bad teeth or crooked teeth can damage your self-esteem, your social relationships, and very often, your oral health. That is because when things are wrong with your teeth that make them look bad, most often there is an oral health problem behind the cosmetic issue. Orthodontic treatment to straighten your teeth will make them healthier and more attractive, and give you a reason to show your smile.

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Teeth Aren’t Pearly, Until You Smile


“Teeth Aren’t Pearly, Until You Smile.” – Anthony Licionne

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry reported that nearly 98 percent of patients believe that smiling relieves tension during social events. However, 74 percent of Americans have dental problems, so they never smile at large gatherings or parties. If you need a pearly smile, the staff at Team Demas Orthodontists can help.

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