Modern Braces Are a Trend and a Fashion Statement

Team-Demas-SQ1Orthodontic procedures have come a long way since their inception. They are no longer the behemoths that encircle your child’s head, forcing them to endure criticism and potential ridicule. Modern braces are a trend and a fashion statement. Continue reading “Modern Braces Are a Trend and a Fashion Statement”

What Are the Discomforts Associated with Invisalign?

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Invisalign is one of many orthodontic procedures available to straighten teeth. The idea that started Invisalign blossomed when it was discovered that a computer software can be used to design incremental retainers that would straighten the teeth. Continue reading “What Are the Discomforts Associated with Invisalign?”

How Early Can My Child Get Braces?

Get BracesNo parent is excited to hear that their child might need braces. After they get the news, a number of questions about the cost, the appointments, and the dietary changes race through their minds. Frequently, parents also wonder how early is too early for their child to get braces.

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5 Percent of Dentists are Orthodontists

OrthodontistsAn orthodontic appliance can help you chew your food more efficiently. Your chewing system consists of the muscles that surround your teeth, your temporomandibular joints, and your teeth. If your teeth are not positioned properly, they will interfere with the chewing system. Misaligned teeth must be corrected because they can cause long-term health issues. After an orthodontist aligns your teeth, you won’t have to worry about cracking or jaw pain. A damaged jaw or a cracked tooth requires expensive dental work.

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A Brace Is One Type Of Dental Appliance

Dental AppliancesThere is a specific window of time when an orthopedic device can successfully change the position of the jaw. If this opportunity is missed, correction procedures will be much harder.

If you bring your child to an orthodontic clinic earlier, an orthodontist can dramatically straighten the child’s jaw and teeth.

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Fail To Comply With Instructions About Wearing a Retainer

Wearing RetainersDid you know that around 25% of patients fail to comply with instructions about wearing a retainer, and as a consequence they have to get and wear braces again? Just one of those interesting orthodontic facts. You’d think most people would be motivated enough by the idea of having to wear braces again to remember to wear their retainer. Of course we do have to keep in mind that most of these people are children or teenagers.

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