Make-up Tricks for Whiter Teeth

Team Demas Ortho

Words of Wisdom No. 10: Conceal with Color

It mostly applies to the ladies when they are choosing the color for their lipstick. Ladies are supposed to choose a light red or medium color lipstick. The reason the colors are mostly preferred is because they help in making your teeth to look whiter. The use of lighter colored lipstick makes your teeth to appear yellow. When used correctly, make up can make your teeth to appear whiter every day.

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Brush your Teeth Twice Every Day

word of wisdom, brush your teeth

Words of Wisdom No. 9: Brush Your Teeth When You First Get Out of Bed and Before You Get Back In at Night

Brushing teeth early in the morning after awakening and just before going to sleep are the two most crucial times as suggested by dental specialists to stay orally fresh. The essence of brushing before going to bed is to remove any food particles that may be trapped in between the teeth after taking dinner and it swipes off plaque from the teeth which is caused by dried up saliva or accumulated food particles.

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Keeping your Teeth Shining, Always

Team Demas Ortho

Words Of Wisdom No. 8: Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut

Flossing is important as it helps to remove food particles that may be trapped in between the teeth. You can purchase a packet of floss, which you can use to clean between your teeth, from any drug store. You can keep it in your bag or office desk drawer. This comes in handy for people who do not have time to brush after every meal. It can also be used with other mouth washing detergents such as a mouth wash spray, to maintain a fresh breath even after a meal.

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Freshness Matters

Team Demas Ortho

Words of Wisdom No. 7: Stay Fresh

The main aim of brushing is to stay fresh and healthy. Staying fresh also eliminates the build up of food particles that give room for the accumulation of bacteria.

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Baking Soda: On the Verge to Replacing Toothpastes

Team Demas ORthodontics

Words of Wisdom No. 6: Brush your teeth with baking soda once a week

Brushing with soda ash helps in removing of stains thus helping in whitening of the teeth, salt can also be used in place of soda ash. Soda ash is a composition of various elements, its chemical name is sodium bicarbonate or sodium hydrogen carbonate, salt is made from this reason hence making it also ideal for this teeth whitening procedure. It is a highly recommended stain remover by various orthodontists, however great precautions should be taken when using it during the cleaning exercise.

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Oral Hygiene

Team Demas

Word of Wisdom No. 5: Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in removing stains and also whitening the teeth, in addition to whitening the teeth it also helps in killing bacteria and also in making the gums stronger. This is ideal and should be done after eating or after brushing. Killing of the bacteria creates a fresh smell in the mouth and also reduces cases of mouth infection.

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Oral Cleansing Foods

Team Demas Orthodontist

Word of Wisdom No. 4: Eat ‘Detergent’ Foods

This are food stuffs that helps in cleaning the teeth instead of brushing, an example is an apple which is in most cases referred to as the natures tooth brush, other foodstuffs that may also be used for cleaning purposes includes, raw carrots and popcorns just but to mention a few. If one is unable to brush the teeth after a meal, one should consider having these food detergents after any meal. In addition to these natural food detergents, there also exists other saliva generating stuffs.

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The Tongue is to be Cleaned too during Brushing

Team Demas, Clean your Tongue

Word of Wisdom No. 3:  Clean your tongue

Many people tend to think that the brushing process involves the teeth and in most cases ignore brushing the tongue. A tongue scrapper is more effective than a tooth brush in this tongue cleaning process. The two major cleaning methods that can be used includes, using a scrapper, spoon and lastly using a tooth brush. However children in most cases find it yucky and difficult to brush the tongue, in such a case it is best to introduce the child to tongue brushing using a spoon. Many children prefer tongue scrapping to tongue brushing.

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Your Toothbrush can be a Savior as well as a Destructor of Health

Team Demas Orthodontics

Word of Wisdom No. 2: Chuck your toothbrush

Medical specialists have proven that a tooth brush can cause cases of reinfection if one fails to change the toothbrush after an attack. Some disease causing bacteria such as, strep tool germs have been known to hide in the toothbrush for a long period. Hepatitis causing agents also can survive for more than hours in a toothbrush. To avoid cases of transferring bacteria, it is important to chuckle the tooth brush or at least replace it after using it for one month. After brushing, the tooth brush should be carefully rinsed and placed in a clean position.

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Right Diet = White Teeth

Team Demas Orthodontics

Words of Wisdom No.1 “Go On a White-Teeth Diet”

The diet taken in most cases influences on the type of teeth that one has colored diet greatly contribute in making the teeth more dingy. The selection of the diet is thus very vital, the type of stuffs that should be avoided ranges from alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and a series of foods. In a case one is not able to restrain from these diets, then it is important to brush or gaggle some water immediately after the drink or the meal.

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