People Seldom Notice Old Clothes If You Wear a [Big Smile]

Big Smile

People Seldom Notice Old Clothes If You Wear a Big Smile ~Lee Mildon

First impressions can go a long way in establishing meaningful relationships. Making a good first impression is about more than the clothes, jewelry, and shoes you wear. When you wear a big smile, your face and personality become the focal point of any first impression.

Facial Expression

Your facial expression has a big impact on people’s perception of who you are and your attitude. Wearing a smile can make people perceive you as more attractive and youthful. Your facial expression takes the focus away from other physical attributes like your clothing, the way you walk, or the style of your hair. It draws attention back to who you are, rather than what you are.

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Smiling Speaks to People Charmingly without Saying a Word

Smiling speaks


A Universal Language: How Smiling Speaks to People

Almost from birth, we express joy and other positive emotions through a smile. Infants naturally recognize smiles as positive cues and begin to reciprocate with smiles of their own. Smiling transcends the language barrier, allowing us to communicate joy and happiness without the use of words or more exuberant gestures.

Have you ever noticed that smiles are contagious? Smiling at a person naturally triggers a positive emotional response, prompting them to smile back. This is an inherent response present almost from birth.

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How Can Invisalign Help Straighten Teeth and Boost Self-Confidence

Invisalign is quickly becoming the preferred choice for uncomplicated teeth correction. Invisalign uses a set of plastic trays on the teeth to gradually straighten teeth and correct biting issues without damaging the teeth while providing an esthetically pleasing appearance.

The Invisalign Treatment Process

The first step in receiving the Invisalign treatment is to consult orthodontists in Southington experienced with the Invisalign process. The best orthodontist in Southington to begin the Invisalign process will fit your needs financially, and provide a comfortable environment in 6 months to two years. The first step with your orthodontist will involve a consultation to discuss your individual needs in fine detail to access if you are a fit for Invisalign. Next, concerns about the insurance, dental health and costs will be addressed.

After all preliminary factors are established, a treatment plan is generated with teeth impressions, x-rays and pictures. Your orthodontist will show how your teeth will be shifted as well as the duration of the treatment. Custom-made plastic aligners are then manufactured from the impressions taken and presented to you with the instructions to wear them each day, with the exceptions of mealtimes and times of dental hygiene. New aligners are typically assigned to an individual every two weeks, which are gradually altered to increase pressure on the teeth.

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