Smiling Is My Favorite Exercise


Think of Smiling as an Exercise

The benefits of exercise are more than just physical. We know that there are mental and emotional benefits as well to exercise. But there is one exercise that can give you those mental and emotional benefits without even raising your heart rate: smiling! We can definitely think of smiling as an exercise. It is an exercise in confidence and happiness, and even releases some of the same “happy hormones” as running or playing a sport does.

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Wear a Smile and Have Friends; Wear a Scowl and Have Wrinkles


Wear a Smile and Have Friends; Wear a Scowl and Have Wrinkles ~George Eliot

19th century novelist George Eliot was known for her satirical works, which could make biting social commentaries even while inspiring people to laugh. She understood the importance of a smile in our human society. “Wear a smile,” she wrote “and have friends.” A smile expresses openness and kindness and therefore attracts people to you, whereas, “wear a scowl, and have wrinkles.”

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How Much Does Invisalign Costs For Only Upper Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, Invisalign Express can be the solution to your problem. It is an innovative technology that straightens teeth at a low cost. Invisalign Express is a completely invisible dental appliance that corrects your teeth slowly without any pain. People choose Invisalign Express instead of traditional braces because the total treatment time is much faster.

Invisalign Express FAQ

What are some details about the appliance?

The appliance is made of a clear plastic material that slips into your teeth. Once applied, the aligner will move your teeth to a more aligned position. Within three to six months, your crowded teeth or spaced teeth will be corrected.

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Some of My Teeth Need to be Repaired, Must that Be Done before Orthodontics?

One of the most frequent questions new orthodontic patients ask is, “My teeth also need repairs – should these repairs be done before or after my orthodontic treatment?” The answer will depend on the type of repairs needed.

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For some types of repairs, having that work done can directly impact the results of orthodontic treatment. These types of tooth repairs should be done prior to beginning orthodontic treatment. But other types of repairs may interfere with a course of orthodontic treatment. These types of tooth repairs should be postponed until after the completion of orthodontic care.

Finally, some tooth repairs can be completed concurrently with orthodontic care, depending on the duration and type of orthodontic treatment. In this post, learn how to tell when to do what types of tooth repairs if you plan to have orthodontic treatment.

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