What To Consider Before Choosing Your Family’s Orthodontist

What To Consider Before Choosing Your Family’s Orthodontist

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There are 4 million people wearing braces in the United States. Out of those 4 million, 75% of them are under the age of 18.

So, it’s safe to say that the growing teen should have access to great dental care all throughout their adolescence.

Having a family orthodontist you trust should be crucial if you’re a parent. If you’re concerned with finding the right professional that’s right for you and your family, keep reading.

Here are the top things you need to consider when selecting a new family orthodontist.

How old are your children?

If you have a teen or two in the household, strongly consider family orthodontists over those that do not offer family-related services. Family orthodontists cater to a wide range of ages, whether you’re looking to get your teen’s teeth straightened, or need to get childrens braces for your little one. In conclusion, make sure that the orthodontists in question are certified to work with families, and not just one specific population. After all, having a doctor for each member of your family can get rather confusing fast.

What kind of dental work do you need?

Family dentists should also cater to the adults in your family. You, as a parent, may not necessarily need braces, but one never knows when the odd emergency can happen. Ensure that your orthodontist or dentist of choice can cover any dental surgeries or sleep apnea treatments.

Check testimonials

When in doubt, ask your friends and family for testimonials. Also, if you’ve stumbled across a clinic’s website, carefully read through their reviews to ensure your potential orthodontist is a good fit.

If you still find yourself asking a ton of questions regarding health coverage and finances, make sure to give their office a quick call.

Family Orthodontists and finding the best fit

As you can see, there are many things you should consider when looking for the best orthodontist for you and your family. Make sure to check reviews, contact their clinic, and make your best judgment. After all, this is a potentially lifelong connection you’re making — since family orthodontists cater to children, teens, and adults.

If you’ve been searching to no avail, make sure to contact us for some of the best dental care in the area.

How to Handle the Most Common Issues With Braces

How to Handle the Most Common Issues With Braces

family orthodontistAccording to the American Association of Orthodontists, there are around 4 million Americans wearing braces today. As family orthodontists, we know that sometimes there can be issues that come with wearing them. It’s important to know how to handle them when they come up. Here are some common issues with braces you should know how to handle.

Tooth soreness

When you have your braces installed, it’s common for your teeth to be sore for a week. It’s completely normal. During this time period, stick to a diet of soft foods. If you need to, you can take ibuprofen to help with the soreness. Also, try chewing sugarless gum. While the feeling might be uncomfortable, the blood flow to the teeth will increase. This will help to reduce the discomfort.

Mouth ulcers

It’s possible at some point during your treatment, your mouth will get sores or ulcers in your lips or cheeks. This usually happens during the first week of wearing your braces. Once your mouth has gotten used to wearing them, the sores and ulcers will slowly shrink away. In the event you continue to experience them in your mouth, contact your doctor for assistance. If there’s a specific edge of your braces that’s causing the sore, you can use wax to cover it. Consistently keep the area of the sore clean while your mouth adjusts to the braces.

Wire out

Sometimes you’ll notice that the wire of your braces is out of the tube. Whenever you notice this, attempt to put the wire back into the tube with your hands. If you struggle to do it with your hands, you can also try using tweezers. If all else fails, and the wire is still bothering you, contact your doctor for assistance.

Bracket loose

Your brackets may become loose or break from time to time. It’s usually caused by either playing with your braces or eating hard foods. As long as you’re not experiencing pain, wait until your next appointment with your family orthodontist to resolve the issue. Keep the bracket in place, and if there’s any discomfort with it, use wax to cover it. In the event that the bracket has completely come out, bring it with you to your next appointment, and let the staff know.

These are some of the many common issues that occur while wearing braces. As you get used to wearing them, most of these issues will be rare. Be sure to follow all of your family orthodontist’s instructions with taking care of your braces.