Teeth-Friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 6: Orange



Oral hygiene is very important to our overall health. For those with braces, careful cleaning is even more important. However, we can do more for our teeth than just brush, floss, and have periodic fluoride treatments. What we eat also has a huge impact on the health of our gums and teeth alike.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 5: Carrots



Carrots are wholesome, tasty, nutrient-rich and can be prepared and enjoyed in a variety of ways. As one of the best vegetables for healthy teeth, they should be a dietary mainstay for helping kids and teens support their oral health. Below are some of the reasons why your orthodontist recommends eating carrots.

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What Is a Palatal Expander and Why Is It Needed?

What is a palatal expander?

gif courtesy of giphy.com
gif courtesy of giphy.com

A palatal expander is an appliance that is used to widen the upper jaw. Other names for it include rapid maxillary expansion appliance, palate expander, orthodontic expander, Haas, or Hyrax.

This device is custom made for each patient from molds taken of their mouth. It fits on the upper teeth towards the back of the mouth. It is made of two halves that are secured together by a screw in the middle. The screw is turned with a special key, usually once or twice per day for a set period of time. This turning is done by the patient or caregiver, and usually, causes only minor discomfort for a brief period.

As the appliance expands, via each turn, the pressure is placed on the bones on the top of the mouth, the palate. The palate is made up of two bones that do not fully fuse together until the teenage years. Thus, the palatal expander helps the bones to move apart while forming new bone growth, which will help the upper jaw increase in size.

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Teeth-friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 4: Bananas



The Power of Bananas

Most of us know that we need to get more fruit in our diets, and given their convenience and numerous health benefits, bananas are often our “go to” fruit snack. Bananas are high in:

  • Potassium – to ease muscle cramping
  • Vitamin B6 – to help in weight loss, bolster the nervous system, and help produce white blood cells
  • Fiber – to help digestive functions

However, is a banana a smart choice for your teeth?

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Teeth-Friendly Fruits & Vegetables No. 3: Kiwifruit



Routinely brushes as well as flossing are crucial for maintaining overall dental health. What may not be as largely stressed, however, is the importance of a healthy diet. Healthy foods contain many nutrients that are designed to combat various diseases, infections, and common tooth ailments such as decay and plaque. Fruits and vegetables arm the body with antioxidants that in turn work to protect our teeth and gums. Fluoride and other measures are also important for strengthening our teeth, but the most powerful effects can be found when we make the right food choices for ourselves.

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What Are Lingual Braces?

Searching For a Stunning Smile?

gif courtesy of giphy.com
gif courtesy of giphy.com

Braces are a fact of life for over 4 million Americans, and for many teens, it’s a rite of passage. That said, however, there’s never a time that’s “too late” to consider an orthodontic consultation to improve the condition of your smile, or correct a jaw or bite problem. In fact, increasing numbers of orthodontic patients are adults looking to improve poor braces correction from the past or seeking to finally get that amazing, confident smile they’ve always wanted. It’s really never too late and there have been significant advances in the speed of correction and the cosmetic appearance of corrective braces that go a long way to improve patient comfort and success. Of these newer options, lingual braces are some of the most advanced and aesthetically appealing.

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