Can Retainers Fix a Slight Shift After Braces?


When you are done wearing braces, you expect to have perfectly straight teeth for a lifetime, but that isn’t always the case. There is the possibility of shifting teeth, especially if a retainer isn’t worn immediately after having the braces removed from your orthodontist. Below are some information about using a retainer and how they can help fix the shift in teeth following orthodontic treatment.


Why is a Retainer Worn after Braces?

If you have recently completed orthodontic treatment, you might have been advised to wear a retainer. This is a recommendation by many orthodontists as it helps to keep your teeth in their new position. With the braces off, there is a risk that the teeth will start shifting back to their original position. While it doesn’t happen with everyone, the best thing you can do is prevent it by wearing your retainer as often as your orthodontist recommended. They will inform you about exactly how long they need to be worn for in order to avoid orthodontic relapse.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 7: Black Bean Rice Burgers

black bean rice burgers

How to Make Nutritious Burgers From Black Beans and Rice

After you begin to wear braces, it is essential to eat tooth friendly food that offers a lot of nutritional value. Black bean rice burgers are simple to prepare and easy to chew. You need to have several ingredients to cook rice burgers, including:

• White or brown rice
• Black beans
• Salsa
• Breadcrumbs
• Chopped onions
• Whipped eggs
• Vegetable oil

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 6: Banana Ice Cream

banana ice cream

Who doesn’t love a big bowl of ice cream on a hot summer day, or as the perfect sweet treat to cap off a delicious meal? The trouble with it is that it’s loaded with sugar, just itching to attack your teeth and cause cavities.

If you’re looking for a tooth-friendly recipe that contains the sweet, creamy goodness of banana ice cream without all the added sugar (and calories!) of the original, your search is over. This is a recipe you can make for your family that everyone will rave about – including your orthodontist!

The best part? You can flavor it with a number of ingredients!

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How to Alleviate Discomfort after Putting on Braces?

Braces are popular and have been for a while now. They allow otherwise crooked teeth to transform into straight rows of pearls. However, after putting braces on, orthodontists may notice that many of their patients complain of some discomfort. Instead of having to fear or detest wearing braces because of the discomfort associated with them, you can take some steps to help your kids deal with this irritation.

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Speak to the Orthodontist

Your orthodontist may have already spoken to your kids for methods of alleviating the irritation. However, if those techniques are not working, you should talk to the orthodontist. Sometimes, the exact effects are not known until the procedure is implemented. While orthodontists know that irritation can occur, they also know that different children and different bodies react in various ways to the braces. One way to alleviate discomfort after braces is to provide the orthodontist with a clear sense of what is happening. Just stating that discomfort exists is often not enough. Kids should articulate exactly where the irritation is and how often it is happening.

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