How to Live With Invisalign?

Invisalign is a popular choice among individuals of all ages for straightening teeth. Unlike traditional metal braces, they are practically invisible. There are no wires that can cut or irritate your mouth. And they can be removed for eating and tooth cleaning. What’s not to like?

About Invisalign

The Invisalign aligner is made out of a thermoplastic material to your orthodontist’s specifications. Each patient will need a progression of aligners to gradually move the teeth to their desired location. Some patients will need as few as five; others will need as many as 50, depending on how much movement is needed. A few patients will need to have a small attachment device bonded to one or more teeth to assist in the straightening process.

The aligner needs to be worn at least 20 hours a day. Each aligner in the progression will need to be worn for two or three weeks, before moving on to the next aligner. For most patients, the entire process will take a year. A retainer will need to be worn for perhaps another year after finishing with the aligners.

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One Smile Can’t Change the World, but Your Smile Changes Mine


Research over the years has shown that smiling can really affect your mood and the mood of those around you. Scientists have noted that human brains are wired to be social. One way that humans express that sociability is by smiling at each other.

When one person flashes a beautiful smile at another, neurons in that other person’s brain will also light up even though he is not the one smiling. This goes to show that smiling at someone or being at the receiving end of a smile will elevate both your moods.

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If You Smile When No One Else Is Around, You Really Mean It- Andy Rooney


Andy Rooney’s words about smiling on your own probably ring true for everyone. And he should know since he dedicated much of his life to making people smile with his wry humor. When we smile when no one else is around, it is the most genuine smile we can experience. It is a marker of true joy. It is not a polite smile to a stranger on the street or a forced greeting smile with a coworker. Smiling alone is just for you. Smiling alone is happiness personified.

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Do You Replace Missing Teeth If There Are Remaining Spaces after Treatment?

Today’s orthodontists are true craftspeople, blending the best of modern science together with the highly individualized care required to craft the perfect smile for each patient. As such, the timing of orthodontic treatment

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and the timing of other types of tooth repairs must be carefully coordinated to achieve the best and fastest results.

One of the most common questions new patients have for our orthodontists in Southington is about how to handle missing teeth and post-orthodontic care spaces between the teeth. There are several ways to approach this common issues and the chosen approach will be tailored to the patient’s personal treatment needs and goals.

In this post, learn more about options for filling in spaces, replacing missing teeth and creating a smile to enjoy and share for a lifetime.

What Causes Tooth Gaps and Spaces Even After Orthodontic Care?

The reason orthodontic care today is so individualized is because each patient’s mouth is totally unique.

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