Why is a Dentist Not an Orthodontist?

gif courtesy of giphy.com
gif courtesy of giphy.com

In the history of dentistry, many different health professionals were involved in coming to the aid of patients suffering from a toothache or oral issue. As these professionals noticed a need for specialized work on the teeth, the focus on orthodontia began. Although both of these oral health professionals work with issues concerning the mouth, a dentist is not an orthodontist.


General Degree

Both an orthodontist and a general dental professional are required to attend and graduate from high school with a general degree of knowledge. These studies must include the areas of science, biology, general and organic chemistry, statistics or calculus, and physics. In addition to the general high school degree, orthodontics experts are required to attend four years of college resulting in a bachelor’s degree. Exceptional students are often accepted to the dental program after only three years of college experience.

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Smile More to Attract More


Smile More to Attract More

A quote by Debasish Mridha 

If you smile more, you will attract more attention during important events. According to studies, people who have a light teeth command a room when they smile. When most teeth have a dark shade, a smile is less attractive.

Achieving an Attractive Smile

When photographers view a smile, they pinpoint five key features. To take a wonderful photo, an orthodontist must improve your:

  • Smile arc
  • Gum display
  • Maxillary gum line
  • Incisal edge

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Just Smile like Charles Chaplin Did in His Silent Movie Roles


“You’ll find that life is still worthwhile if you just smile.” ― Charles Chaplin

You can learn how to smile like Charles Chaplin did in his silent movies in order to show his emotions. If you are having difficulties smiling because of your misaligned teeth, then visit an orthodontist for expert treatment. Orthodontic treatments for crooked or poorly spaced teeth are possible with devices such as:

  • Traditional metal braces
  • Removable plastic aligners
  • Headgear
  • Expanders
  • Retainers

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Beautiful Smile and Beautiful Teeth


“You can only hold a smile for so long, after that it’s just teeth.” – Chuck Palahniuk

If your favorite smile quote is, “Keep smiling. It makes people wonder what you are up to,” you know how to hold a smile.

There are the high-wattage smiles when you want to show all your teeth and the social ones when you merely turn up the corners of your mouth.

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A Smile Is Happiness You’ll Find Right Under Your Nose


A Smile Comes Back to You When You Smile First

You have probably read that a smile is a happiness found right under your nose on greeting cards and posters without considering the importance of making this facial expression. When you think about it, smiling a lot helps everyone feel better all day. While smiling, you will have a good feeling inside that leads to an improved mood instead of grumpiness. In order for you to frown, the muscles in your face have to work harder than when smiling. This means you should avoid frowning to prevent getting a tired looking face. Not only should you give a smile to others, but you should also smile when home alone.

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