Is it Possible for a Patient to Change Orthodontists?

change orthodontists

Is it Possible for a Patient to Change Orthodontists?

Sometimes, the relationship between a patient and an orthodontist is unsuccessful. The patient may feel as if the orthodontist is not acting in his or her best interest. The patient may have experienced an unexpected painful treatment or an attitude that was unprofessional. Perhaps, the person feels as if a different orthodontist may offer affordable braces, whereas the current orthodontist does not. In such cases, a person may want to change the orthodontist from which he or she has been receiving care. This individual may want to know if changing an orthodontist is allowable. The short answer to the question is “yes.”

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Beauty is Accompanied by Smile

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Smile Quote No. 5: I’ve Never Seen a Smiling Face that was not Beautiful

A smile is a wondrous, beautiful thing, isn’t it? It reflects joy in a powerful way. Beautiful smiles charm, encourage, uplift, and brighten our lives. An engaging smile is a seemingly small gesture, but it renders a magic touch with a ripple effect, as it spreads from one person to another.

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Smiling is the Easy Way out

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It takes 17 muscles to smile and forty three to frown

It takes 17 muscles to smile and forty three to frown. If you see your child spending too much time frowning because of an imperfect smile, it’s time to do something about it. Why put those muscles to work for the wrong reason? A visit to an orthodontic specialist can make a world of difference, giving your child a reason to flash those pearly whites. However, you need to take the first step and find out how braces could be the answer that your child needs.

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Smiles can Serve any Purpose you Want


Smile Quote No. 2: You Want To Spoil the Day of a Grouch, Give Him a Smile

There is no better answer to a grouch than flashing them your best smile. In this and many other situations, a brilliant smile is one of the best weapons you can have. That makes it important that you have a beautiful smile, and it makes it even more important that you make sure that your kids have one. Looking for different and affordable types of braces is one of the best moves you can make to ensure a great smile.

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Braces Demand Attention

Five Tips in Caring for Your Braces During an Orthodontic Treatment

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In order for braces to do their job properly, which is to bring the teeth into healthy alignment, the patient needs to give them and him or herself the proper care. It’s true that braces can be uncomfortable, but they may be the best solution for children who might not have the type of mindfulness that is necessary for an alternative to braces like Invisalign. Here are five tips to care for braces:

1. Avoid foods that are chewy, sticky or both, like Turkish taffy. The foods to eat when wearing braces are soft and easy on the braces as well as the teeth. These include soups, custards and soft cheeses.

The patient should also not attempt foods that hurt to eat, and make sure that he or she eats slowly and with care.

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Lasers in Orthodontics

Can Lasers Make Your Orthodontic Treatment Faster?

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You likely know that lasers are precision instruments. No matter the application, in experienced hands, lasers usually get the job done faster than the alternative. This is certainly true in the world of orthodontia.

How Do Lasers Brighten Smiles Faster?

At Team Demas Orthodontics, we are the smile specialists. The newest orthodontia tools with built-in lasers help us precisely target areas where we can improve your child’s smile. Precision makes us more efficient and effective. We like those two qualities very much, and we imagine you do, too.

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Keeping your Teeth Shining, Always

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Words Of Wisdom No. 8: Practice Flossing with Your Eyes Shut

Flossing is important as it helps to remove food particles that may be trapped in between the teeth. You can purchase a packet of floss, which you can use to clean between your teeth, from any drug store. You can keep it in your bag or office desk drawer. This comes in handy for people who do not have time to brush after every meal. It can also be used with other mouth washing detergents such as a mouth wash spray, to maintain a fresh breath even after a meal.

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Apple Cider Vinegar & Oral Hygiene

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Word of Wisdom No. 5: Gargle with Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar helps in removing stains and also whitening the teeth, in addition to whitening the teeth it also helps in killing bacteria and also in making the gums stronger. This is ideal and should be done after eating or after brushing. Killing of the bacteria creates a fresh smell in the mouth and also reduces cases of mouth infection.

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Right Diet = White Teeth

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Words of Wisdom No.1 “Go On a White-Teeth Diet”

The diet taken in most cases influences on the type of teeth that one has colored diet greatly contribute in making the teeth more dingy. The selection of the diet is thus very vital, the type of stuffs that should be avoided ranges from alcoholic drinks, non-alcoholic drinks and a series of foods. In a case one is not able to restrain from these diets, then it is important to brush or gaggle some water immediately after the drink or the meal.

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Protecting your Braces

Five Tips for Caring for Your Braces during Orthodontic Treatment

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Braces do offer new challenges when they are putting your teeth on to the road of an attractive smile. Oral hygiene is one of those challenges that need attention for the duration of the pursuit of your dream smile. At the best of times, preventing tooth decay can be difficult for many – particularly brushing and flossing those teeth tirelessly twice a day, every day of the year. If you are good at that any way, then it will not be so hard to adjust to the need to care for your braces

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