Can You Get Braces with a Missing Tooth?

Braces are becoming more common among people of all ages. Both children and adults can benefit from the corrective help of orthodontic braces. But many adults wonder if it is possible to get braces if they have a missing tooth in their mouth. 

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You’re Never Fully Dressed without a Smile

wear a smile

The Importance of Your Smile

Many consumers have not given enough thought to the importance of their smile, and they are happy with their semi-annual trips to the dentist. Really, there is a lot more out there for them to explore. We love this quote:

“You’re never fully dressed without a smile.” ~Martin Charnin

Thinking about this quote, you can envision those people in your workplace who always smile. They seem to have more confidence and appear happy most of the time. They may be putting on that smile for public consumption and on the inside feel very differently, but you want to get a bit of their confidence. You will do it however you can, everything from eating right to getting regular exercise. Another option is to perform a partnership with your local orthodontist.

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Nothing You Wear Is More Important Than Your Smile

important smile

Keep Smiling While You Wear Modern Aligners or Braces

Your smile is important because it is the first thing that someone notices about you. When you have crooked teeth, it may feel difficult to smile. However, at an orthodontist’s office, you can schedule examinations to determine if aligners or braces can improve you or your child’s smile. Having straight teeth can improve your self-esteem because you no longer feel embarrassed about talking or smiling. Instead of frowning to hide your misaligned teeth, keep smiling while wearing braces or aligners.

You Can Wear a Smile When You Have Invisible Orthodontic Treatment

Teenagers and adults can wear clear aligners on their teeth when they have mild malocclusions. You are able to change to a new set of aligners every two weeks in order to shift your teeth slowly into the correct positions in your mouth. No one will know if you are using invisible aligners to improve your smile. If you have severe malocclusions, then an orthodontist will recommend other types of braces instead of aligners. In addition, an orthodontist can design color-matching ceramic brackets that are nearly impossible to see.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 10: Green Vanilla Mint Smoothie

green vanilla mint smoothie

Choose Soft and Friendly Foods While Wearing Braces or Aligners

You need to consume a lot of minerals and vitamins to strengthen your teeth during orthodontic treatment. However, you might find it difficult to chew food right after beginning to wear aligners or braces because the tissues in your mouth can feel sensitive. It is still easy to consume vital nutrients by making a green vanilla mint smoothie and using a blender to whip the ingredients. The recipe for this beverage includes the following:

• Coconut milk
• Fresh mint leaves
• Vanilla extract
• Fresh spinach
• Frozen banana

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Fruit Kabobs A Delicious, Tooth Friendly Snack!

fruit kabobs

Searching for a healthy and delicious snack that is friendly on your smile? Try fruit kabobs! Fruit kabobs are a versatile and easy snack. Customize your kabob with your favorite tooth friendly fruit. A kabob is also a great choice for children because of the unlimited fruit combos!

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Why Is It Necessary to Visit Your Orthodontist Regularly?

The Value of Routine Orthodontic Care

If the words “visit orthodontist” regularly show up on your “to do” list, you should be proud of yourself. Routine orthodontic care is essential for people who wish to maintain straight and even teeth. If you visit the orthodontist for

Photo Credit: ozwaldoruiz via
Photo Credit: ozwaldoruiz via

checkups on a routine basis, you understand just how important overall oral health is. Frequent dental care can keep oral health conditions at bay. It can help people maintain healthy and strong teeth for life. Things aren’t too different with regular orthodontic care. If you want to maintain straight and even teeth forever, you have to keep up with your orthodontic needs, plain and simple. Orthodontic care can help people who have issues with teeth alignment that require prompt attention.

Straight Teeth and Overall Dental Health

Straight teeth aren’t only important for aesthetic purposes. There’s no arguing that it can feel great to have a smile that looks like it’s straight out of a Hollywood movie. The advantages of straight teeth, however, go a lot deeper than that. Teeth that are straight can contribute to strong dental health overall. If your teeth are nice and straight, taking care of your dental hygiene needs can be a lot simpler and straightforward. Straight teeth make flossing and brushing a lot more hassle-free. If you want to do whatever you can to keep your teeth and gums in A+ condition, it can significantly help to have straight teeth.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 7: Black Bean Rice Burgers

black bean rice burgers

How to Make Nutritious Burgers From Black Beans and Rice

After you begin to wear braces, it is essential to eat tooth friendly food that offers a lot of nutritional value. Black bean rice burgers are simple to prepare and easy to chew. You need to have several ingredients to cook rice burgers, including:

• White or brown rice
• Black beans
• Salsa
• Breadcrumbs
• Chopped onions
• Whipped eggs
• Vegetable oil

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How to Alleviate Discomfort after Putting on Braces?

Braces are popular and have been for a while now. They allow otherwise crooked teeth to transform into straight rows of pearls. However, after putting braces on, orthodontists may notice that many of their patients complain of some discomfort. Instead of having to fear or detest wearing braces because of the discomfort associated with them, you can take some steps to help your kids deal with this irritation.

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Speak to the Orthodontist

Your orthodontist may have already spoken to your kids for methods of alleviating the irritation. However, if those techniques are not working, you should talk to the orthodontist. Sometimes, the exact effects are not known until the procedure is implemented. While orthodontists know that irritation can occur, they also know that different children and different bodies react in various ways to the braces. One way to alleviate discomfort after braces is to provide the orthodontist with a clear sense of what is happening. Just stating that discomfort exists is often not enough. Kids should articulate exactly where the irritation is and how often it is happening.

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Of all the things you wear, your expression is the most important


If you really want to make a great impression on all those you come across, it is important that you have the perfect smile. While this may sound impossible, it doesn’t have to be. With braces, problems like overbite, under bite and buckteeth can all be corrected. Today, there are even various types of braces to choose from like:

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There is a War and Women Have the Advantage

Smile Quote and Orthodontist

Smile Quote No. 8: There is no weapon in the feminine armory to which men are so vulnerable as they are to a smile – Dorothy Dix

Connecting with men can be very difficult for some women. Whether it is nerves or otherwise many women are unsure how to connect with men or break the ice. Strangely enough there is one tool that woman can use to connect with men, a tool that works universally well. A smile is one of the best ways that you can become instantly approachable and a way that you can connect with people almost instantly.

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