Are There Foods I Can’t Eat with Braces?

Are there foods I can’t eat with braces? When you first get braces, it can feel like you have very limited options in terms of what you can eat. Dr. Demas, a leading orthodontist in Southington, will help you understand the limitations of braces and how you can best care for them by putting thought into the foods you or your child eats.

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If You See a Friend Without a Smile; Give Him One of Yours. – Proverb

Whenever we see someone who is not smiling, we should assume that such a person needs to be cheered up. The person may be experiencing family troubles, financial hardships, disappointment, hunger, thirst, headache or a number of other issues. Sometimes, the only thing we can give another person is a smile back to comfort him or her. Giving smiles is a wonderful gesture, and it can brighten up another person’s day almost as much as the sun can if it’s sincere. In fact, a smile to friends and from friends is one of the best ways that a person can tell that he has friends.

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The Greatest Self Is a Peaceful Smile, That Always Sees the World Smiling Back. – Bryant H. McGill

Bryant H. McGill left a peaceful quote that challenged us to not only be kind to ourselves but also to change our perspectives. He said that having peaceful smile reflections on the inside and out is the best version of ourselves that we can be. A peaceful smile is such a wonderful thing because it indicates that you have an inner peace that many people in the world never get to experience. If you can reach to the point of having an inner peace even for one moment, then you have achieved an amazing thing.

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Fruit Kabobs A Delicious, Tooth Friendly Snack!

fruit kabobs

Searching for a healthy and delicious snack that is friendly on your smile? Try fruit kabobs! Fruit kabobs are a versatile and easy snack. Customize your kabob with your favorite tooth friendly fruit. A kabob is also a great choice for children because of the unlimited fruit combos!

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Do Damon Braces Really Move Teeth Faster?

Damon braces


So, Damon Braces.

Time is an important consideration in almost everything we do. However, regarding matters of personal appearance, the amount of time a procedure is going to take can be imperative, especially when the process is lengthy and uncomfortable. So when you consider the advantages and disadvantages of getting Damon braces versus traditional braces, you need to know the facts. Since there are so many myths regarding what Damon braces can and can’t do, we want to give you some facts so you can be an informed consumer.

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Tooth-Friendly Recipe 1: Garlic Sweet Potato Mash


After visiting the orthodontist to get braces on the teeth, you might not want to eat a lot of solid foods as there could be a slight discomfort from the pressure of the brackets and the wires. A tooth friendly recipe that can be enjoyed in various ways is a garlic sweet potato mash. It doesn’t take long to prepare, and you can add a few other items to the dish to give it different flavors.

The first thing that you want to do is gather fresh sweet potatoes. Boil the sweet potatoes so that they can easily be mashed in a bowl. You can also bake them with a little butter and brown sugar if you want a different consistency and to lock in more of the flavors.

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How Much Does Invisalign Costs For Only Upper Teeth

If you have crooked teeth, Invisalign Express can be the solution to your problem. It is an innovative technology that straightens teeth at a low cost. Invisalign Express is a completely invisible dental appliance that corrects your teeth slowly without any pain. People choose Invisalign Express instead of traditional braces because the total treatment time is much faster.

Invisalign Express FAQ

What are some details about the appliance?

The appliance is made of a clear plastic material that slips into your teeth. Once applied, the aligner will move your teeth to a more aligned position. Within three to six months, your crowded teeth or spaced teeth will be corrected.

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What Your Child Should Expect Before and After Braces

Many children often have anxiety or fear about the idea of getting braces because they do not know what to expect. However, if you can give your child a clear idea about what will happen during the process of getting braces, you can

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help them to feel more comfortable and calm. Though the braces process is lengthy, knowing what to expect from the whole experience can keep it from being unpleasant for your child. Here are answers to all of the questions your child might have about getting braces installed and removed.

Will Getting Braces Hurt?

This is normally the biggest question that patients have when they are trying to learn what they should expect while getting braces. The process of getting bits of metal installed in your mouth might seem intimidating, but it is actually perfectly comfortable. Braces installation merely consists of gluing the brackets to the teeth and having an arch wire attached to the brackets with elastic bands. At most, your child may feel a very slight bit of pressure while the braces are installed. In the next few days, there may be some discomfort because the teeth are slowly being shifted to a new position and the rough metal surfaces may slightly irritate the inside of the mouth. However, this can be managed with over the counter pain medication, and orthodontic wax can be used to smooth any rough spots that are causing mouth sores.

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Put a Smile on Someone’s Face Today


“If you’ve put a smile on someone’s face today, you’ve done more good than you know.” – Richelle E. Goodrich

Richelle E. Goodrich had it right when she said, “If you’ve put a smile on someone’s face today, you’ve done more good than you know.” Putting a smile on the face of your child is among all moms’ greatest pleasures, and orthodontics is the best way to provide your kids with a healthy teeth they will be proud to show off.

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Smile in the Mirror Every Morning


“Smile in the mirror. Do that every morning and you’ll start to see a big difference in your life.” – Yoko Ono

Whether we are adults or children, it’s very important to practice good oral hygiene. If we don’t include careful oral hygiene in our routines, the health of many body systems can be affected. Remember to brush your teeth thoroughly, floss your teeth and have fluoride treatments when our dentists say it’s time. There is another important detail to having healthy teeth and gums – we need to eat healthy food. Smile in the mirror every day. Be happy when you see healthy teeth.

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